March 10, 2015

Has anyone ever actually heard or seen Erick Erickson stand up for borders, immigration laws and enforcement?

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Question: Is Erick Erickson pro-enforcement?

Twitter exchange this morning with Erick Erickson, who has an afternoon drive-time radio (WSB) show in Atlanta. I only hear it on my way home from the gym for about 10-15 minutes several times a week.

@EWErickson: Hey Georgia: You gotta work the phones today.

@EWErickson: Georgia House Will Raise Your Taxes, But Not Protect Your Religious Liberty

@DAKDIS: @EWErickson But ignore fact that #GEORGIA is giving drivers licenses, state ID cards & public benefits to illegal aliens. @JoshMcKoon #SB6

@EWErickson: @DAKDIS When you get your radio show, you can prioritize the issues you want to focus on.

@DAKDIS: @EWErickson If only. But glad to know yours. Thanks.