February 10, 2015

Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon writing on Townhall: Unlike Mexico, Georgia issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants

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Unlike Mexico, Georgia is issuing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants

By Georgia state Senator Josh McKoon
Feb 10, 2015

The state of Georgia is issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens.

After years of explaining this fact to astonished Georgians all over the state, I have still not grown accustomed to the shock and outrage they so vocally express. “But Georgia is governed by Republicans! – what is this, California?” is the most common reply that is printable here. They seem to become even angrier when someone correctly points out that illegal aliens cannot obtain a driver’s license in Mexico.

For those readers who are wondering – no, this bewildering assault on our driver’s license integrity is not a result of an act of Congress – or the Georgia General Assembly.

Despite the efforts of very powerful forces in the state Capitol Georgia driver’s licenses had been off limits to illegal aliens. That all changed when President Obama issued his 2012 re-election campaign decree granting an official assurance of “deferred action” amnesty on deportations to illegals who said they came here as children. Obama dictated that his deferred action amnesty “for the children” – known as “DACA” also came with a work permit and a (genuine) Social Security number. Since then Obama has modified his decree. Now, “children” has no age cap – illegals in their 40’s and older are now eligible for DACA amnesty.

Under current – but pre-Obama – state law those last two documents make an illegal alien as eligible for a driver’s license in Georgia as a foreign businessman on a visa, a Legal Permanent Resident immigrant or a Georgia-born youth on his sixteenth birthday.

As a security measure, and to protect our jobs, I have introduced legislation – Senate Bill 6 – that will alter state law to end the practice of rewarding any illegal aliens with a Georgia driver’s license… Please read the rest HERE http://townhall.com/columnists/joshmckoon/2015/02/10/unlike-mexico-georgia-is-issuing-drivers-licenses-to-illegal-immigrants-n1955023/page/full

Then call Senator McKoon’s Capitol office Phone: (404) 463-3931 to say “thank you” for his leadership?

You can see a list of all state Senators and their contact info HERE