March 11, 2014

Georgia’s Republican-controlled state Senate: Who voted to continue to allow DACA illegal aliens to obtain and keep a Georgia drivers licenses? VIDEO

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Georgia state Senate

Who voted to continue to allow illegal aliens to obtain and keep Georgia drivers licenses?

Ever ask yourself what really goes on under the Gold Dome? Here’s something. There is a link to official video at the bottom. See if you recognize anyone.

With a Republican-super majority, on March 3, 2014 -“Cross-over Day” – the Georgia state Senate voted on an amendment to legislation related to drivers licenses. Republican state Senator Bill Heath, unable to move his own bill out of the Senate Rules Committee, attempted to attach the same language to SB 392.

The amendment’s addition would have stopped the issuance of drivers licenses to illegal aliens who have benefitted from Obama’s illegal delayed action on deportation DACA amnesty. It is important to know that the DACA illegal aliens are still illegal aliens.

The Heath Amendment, with co-signers Senators Mike Crane, John Albers, Josh McKoon, William Ligon and Judson Hill, failed by a vote of 27-8.

There are 56 state Senators. 38 Republicans, 18 Democrats. For the Obama-voters, this vote shows that 21 members of the Senate did not vote.

NOTE: This vote was not tallied on the public Senate vote machine and was done by a “stand and be counted” hand vote that was not officially recorded. Handy, ehh?

A “YEA” vote on the amendment was in favor of illegal aliens losing the ability to access a Georgia drivers license. A “NAY” vote on the amendment was a vote to continue to allow illegal aliens to have a Georgia drivers license.

*Georgia state Senators voting “YEA” on the amendment (all Republicans):

Bill Heath
Steve Gooch
Josh McKoon
Judson Hill
Don Balfour
John Albers
William Ligon
David Shafer

*Officially excused from the Senate floor during this important vote:

Mike Crane
Tim Golden
Donzella James (D)
Jeff Mullis
Bruce Thompson
Renee Unterman

*Subtracting the “YEA” votes and the excused list of excused senators (who did not vote) gives us the list of Georgia state Senators who voted “NAY” on the amendment. Or did not vote. This is called “walking” on a vote, often so as not to offend anyone politically.

Senator District City

Beach, Brandon (Republican) 21 Alpharetta
Bethel, Charlie (Republican) 54 Dalton
Burke, Dean (Republican) 11 Bainbridge
Butler, Gloria S. (Democrat) 55 Stone Mountain
Carter, Buddy (Republican) 1 Pooler
Carter, Jason (Democrat) 42 Decatur
Chance, Ronnie (Republican) 16 Tyrone
Cowsert, Bill (Republican) 46 Athens
Crosby, John (Republican) 13 Tifton
Davenport, Gail (Democrat) 44 Jonesboro
Davis, Hardie (Democrat) 22 Augusta
Dugan, Mike (Republican) 30 Carrollton
Fort, Vincent (Democrat) 39 Atlanta
Ginn, Frank (Republican) 47 Danielsville
Harbison, Ed (Democrat) 15 Columbus
Harper, Tyler (Republican) 7 Ocilla
Henson, Steve (Democrat) 41 Tucker
Hill, Hunter (Republican) 6 Atlanta
Hill, Jack (Republican) 4 Reidsville Hufstetler, Chuck (Republican) 52 Rome
Jackson, Bill (Republican) 24 Appling
Jackson, Lester G. (Democrat) 2 Savannah
Jeffares, Rick (Republican) 17 McDonough
Jones, Burt (Republican) 25 Jackson
Jones, Emanuel (Democrat) 10 Decatur
Millar, Fran (Republican) 40 Atlanta
Miller, Butch (Republican) 49 Gainesville
Murphy, Jack (Republican) 27 Cumming
Orrock, Nan (Democrat) 36 Atlanta
Ramsey, Sr., Ronald B. (Democrat) 43 Decatur
Seay, Valencia (Democrat) 34 Riverdale
Sims, Freddie Powell (Democrat) 12 Dawson
Staton, Cecil (Republican) 18 Macon
Stone, Jesse (Republican) 23 Waynesboro
Tate, Horacena (Democrat) 38 Atlanta
Thompson, Curt (Democrat) 5 Tucker
Thompson, Steve (Democrat) 33 Marietta
Tippins, Lindsey (Republican) 37 Marietta
Tolleson, Ross (Republican) 20 Perry
Wilkinson, John (Republican) 50 Toccoa
Williams, Tommie (Republican)

*Here is the official archived video of the Senate floor debate that occurred before the vote. Go to Senate PM 1 , Day 30 (Crossover Day), Monday, March 3, 2014 slide indicator to 305:00.