March 9, 2014

Pro-enforcement, conservative values vanishing under the Gold Dome:Georgia state Senate vote coming on confirmation of Governor Deal’s appointment of anti-enforcement leftist to Board of Corrections

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Governor Nathan Deal leads the retreat

In October, I made you aware of Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal’s appointment of anti-enforcement radical Ms. Rocio Del Milagro Woody to the state Board of Corrections. I also posted the story on Breitbart News HERE. But, the appointment is treated as a secret in the state Capitol.

Make no mistake, Rocio Del Milagro Woody is a far-left open borders menace who has no place in Georgia government.

Here is a sample of her attitude on immigration enforcement:

“While referring to illegally present aliens as “immigrants” and immigration enforcement as “anti-business,” Deal’s newly appointed corrections board member Del Milagro Woody has publicly spoken-out against the federal 287(g) program, Attrition Through Enforcement, and complained that immigration law in Arizona “has encouraged Georgia politicians to claim that illegal immigration is costing jobs and threatening the economy.”

One day between now and March 20 when the 2014 Georgia General Assembly ends, the governor’s office will send his 2013 list of appointments to various boards and positions to the Republican-controlled Senate to be approved. With a recorded vote that will be public record and reported from here. Rocio Del Milagro Woody’s appointment is not final and complete without the confirmation of the state Senate. That body can insist that her name be removed from the list before a vote or they can simply vote no.

To be clear: Your Senator will be voting whether to confirm Deal’s appointment of this associate of Jane Fonda.

I have made the entire Republican Senate aware of this debacle and passed out printed copies of the Breitbart News article to them in the Capitol. No Senator can claim ignorance on this.

This is the same Georgia Senate that refused last week to allow Georgia voters to see and vote on a November ballot question about amending the state constitution to make English the official language of government in Georgia and the same Republican-controlled state Senate that defeated legislation that would stop illegal aliens from obtaining and keeping a Georgia drivers license.

We hope you have noticed that Republican Nathan Deal has been silent on illegal immigration since early 2011. We describe him as a ” willing hostage of Big Business.”

ACTION: If you want, you can contact your own state Senator HERE and let him/her know that you are watching and offer your opinion of the Governor’s appointment. Just leave a message with the assistant who answers your call, or leave a message on voice mail. You can also get a message to Governor Deal (did we mention he is a Republican and running for re-election in November?) by calling his office at 404 656 1776.

We will keep you informed on the outcome of the Senate confirmation vote.

We hope that you understand the importance of the problems outlined above and will make then part of your conversations with your state officials before the next election. Conservative values and common sense in Georgia’s Republican party is rapidly vanishing in Georgia. Your silence can help speed that along.