May 14, 2013

Remember 1986! – Two more ‘Stop the RubiObama Amnesty’ billboards went up in Georgia today

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DIS billboard. One of six. Image: DIS

To avoid the semantics scam: “Amnesty” is any legislation or act that removes the illegal status from illegal aliens and allows them to remain in these United States. Under any terms or conditions, legalization is amnesty and amnesty is legalization. We remember 1986.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson
Washington D.C. Office
United States Senate
131 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Tel: (202) 224-3643
Fax: (202) 228-0724

Below are photos of the two latest citizen donor-sponsored Dustin Inman Society billboards that went up today here in the Metro Atlanta area of Georgia, USA. We think they are self explanatory.

The red billboard is up at 997 Reinhardt College Pkwy Canton, GA 30114. (In front of Cherokee Muffler – from downtown Atlanta: I-575 N to exit # 20, left on Riverstone Pkwy to Hwy 140. Right on Hwy 140 – which is also Waleska St. – about 1.5 miles. Billboard is on the left and best visible from the southbound lane)

The blue billboard is up at 6376 Bells Ferry Rd., Acworth Georgia. (In front of European Motorworks – between Hwy 92 and Eagle Dr that enters the Town Lake community and best visible from soutbound lane)

We include a quote from a 2007 press release regarding the 2007 amnesty attempt (Isakson, Chambliss: Immigration Bill Not Good Enough For Georgia) put out by U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss

:”Senator Isakson and I have worked tirelessly to ensure that this bill addresses Georgians’ concerns,” said Chambliss. “We must be allowed ample time to engage in a thoughtful and full debate so that we continue to improve this legislation. The window on immigration reform is closing and if we are going to have reform, it must be done in the right way–border security first, no amnesty, no new pathway to citizenship.”

Also a quote from Senator Isakson in another release when the 2007 amnesty legislation failed in the U.S. Senate:

“Isakson believes border security must be “de-coupled” from the rest of the immigration bill, and that it must be the first, separate step of reform, before anything else takes place. He believes this is the only way to assure the American people that the President and the Congress are serious about securing the border. “

We note with great concern that the Rubio-faced amnesty bill of 2013 is legalization first and the promise of enforcement later. Just like 1986. And that the Senate Judiciary Committee is busy dismantling laws that have been ignored since 1996 regarding biometric monitoring of temporary visa holder’s departure from the post 9/11 USA.

The RubiObamAmnesty bill is not border security first and most Americans can see that if there was any intention of securing the border it would have been done starting on September 12, 2001 or at least before the shameless husksters-for-open-borders in both parties began the 2013 amnesty-again campaign.

Many thanks to the DIS supporters who made these billboards possible. More to come!