March 2, 2013

Exposing RINO Queen Helen Goreham in Georgiafornia – Attention Facebook users ACTION NEEDED

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Exposing Cobb County Commissioner Queen Helen Goreham in Georgiafornia – Helen Goreham flip-flopped on protecting jobs and stopping ID theft by illegal aliens.

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Earlier this week, the Cobb County, Georgia Board of Commissioners voted down (3-2, see HERE) a proposal that would have required all county-funded contractors to swear they had applied to the federal government to eventually become IMAGE certified. That certification process invloves an ICE audit of all hiring records to insure compliance with federal laws and to root out th euse of fake or stolen ID used at hiring. Including Social Security numbers and drivers licenses.

This, almost a year after a unanimous YES vote for the county itself as an employer to use the IMAGE system to protect jobs and Americans from ID theft. See HERE for that story.

Commissioner Helen Goreham, who runs as a “conservative” and Republican is up for re-election in 2014. Helen Goreham is not too smart but she is able to fugure out that her original YES position on the IMAGE for contractors ordinace was going to cost here the financial support of the Chamber of Commerce and the contractor’s lobby.

From a January news report in the local newspaper here, the Marietta Daily Journal

Goreham said while she wants to examine the exact language of the proposed code change, “in theory,” she also supports having contractors “and subcontractors” who do business with the county become IMAGE certified “because it ensures that official citizens of the U.S. are afforded job opportunities that might otherwise go to illegal immigrants, and in today’s economy it’s very important that our citizens are gainfully employed.”

So she changed her position to NO, then lied to her district about what the ordinace would really do (she told her Town Hall attendees last week that the measure would apply to all businesses in the county when she knew that it was only aimed at the businesses that wanted to be awarded county contracts. Goreham has great trouble with the truth.

For use in the coming Republican primary in which Goreham regarda as the peasant class that actually wants a leader who will stand up to the Chamber of Commerce, we have created the “Exposing Helen Goreham ” Facebook page. Facebook users: Please go to the Exposing Helen Goreham page and show her how much you LIKE it?

Help us replace Helen Goreham with a pro-American commissioner!

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