February 16, 2013

Of Commissioner Helen Goreham, Georgiafornia and how the Chamber of Commerce has hijacked America: Stopping use of stolen Social Security numbers and illegal labor not a good idea…ACTION NEEDED

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For those of you who have been following our two-year effort here in Georgia to get the Metro-Atlanta area, Cobb County government to require that the contractors it hires to use only legal labor by using the no-cost IMAGE program, please see the two out-takes from the Marietta Daily Journal “Around Town” column below.

In a world where politicians have the best interests of the people at heart, the pending job-protection ordinance should pass with a 5-0 unanimous vote. We do not live in such a world.

The Cobb County Chairman, Tim Lee, lied to us before the July primary election when he promised to push this simple ordinance through. Having been elected by the people, he now works for the Chamber of Commerce and the contractors who have already been caught using black-market labor to build our courthouse three times.

The only hope we have is to convince Commissioner Helen Goreham to change her mind -again – on the matter. Goreham is up for re-election next year.

Cobb County Commissioner Helen Goreham can be e-mailed HERE. No matter where you live, the message is ” PROTECT OUR TAXPAYER-FUNDED JOBS . VOTE YES ON IMAGE FOR CONTRACTORS, OR PACK YOUR BAGS. WE ARE WATCHING”

I don’t know how many people the room will hold, but Goreham also has a Town Hall scheduled for next week. How exciting…

Marietta Daily Journal, “Around Town” – Saturday, February 16, 2013

IMAGE: Northwest Cobb Commissioner Helen Goreham, who’s been on the hot seat as of late regarding her upcoming vote on whether the county should require contractors with whom it does business to apply for IMAGE certification to assure those they hire are citizens and not illegal aliens, explains her position in a guest column in Sunday’s MDJ Opinion section.

Goreham supported last year’s vote to seek IMAGE certification for the county government, but says she opposes the pending ordinance because it, in essence, would declare that all companies and vendors who do business with Cobb “are guilty of hiring illegals until proven otherwise.”

She instead hopes to convene a task force of the various interested parties — including outspoken local IMAGE advocate D.A. King — to recommend a more “practical course of action,” she writes.

The Commission is slated to vote on the ordinance Feb. 26 after a third and final hearing on the measure. At present it appears doomed to fail, considering that she, Commission Chairman Tim Lee and southwest Cobb Commissioner Lisa Cupid all oppose it. Only east Cobb’s Bob Ott and JoAnn Birrell are in favor. …

Incidentally, Goreham will host a town hall meeting from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday at the West Cobb Senior Center on Dallas Highway.


SPEAKING OF KING, the City of Acworth almost rolled out the welcome mat for the immigration activist this week, then rolled it back up just as fast.

Acworth is one of several Cobb cities that have shown no interest in the IMAGE program until recent days.

City Clerk Regina Russell called and emailed King on Wednesday to get contact information for Special Agent Rick Beamish of ICE so he could make a presentation to the council Monday about IMAGE.

Added Russell, “In the event Mr. Beamish is unavailable, we greatly appreciate your time and assistance in this matter” — in other words, inviting King to make the presentation if Beamish was unavailable.

King wrote back 30 minutes later affirming that he would be happy to fill in.

But King got another email from the clerk an hour or so after that one, stating simply, “Please disregard this request. Thank you, Regina.”

When questioned by the MDJ about the about-face, Mayor Tommy Allegood, an ally of Lee, emailed us the following Thursday morning: “As you know IMAGE is a ‘voluntary’ partnership between the federal government and the private sector/business and we are doing some research on IMAGE in order to present to our Council Members at our Work Session on this Monday night’s agenda … thanks so much for your help! Tommy.”

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