February 1, 2013

Let’s get Helen Goreham out of the Cobb County Georgia Board of Commissioners! MEDIA ADVISORY

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MEDIA ADVISORY February 1, 2013 The Dustin Inman Society

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Cobb-based pro-enforcement, immigration watchdog group announces intention to find and assist a primary candidate to oppose and replace Cobb County Commissioner Helen Gorham in 2014

Today, Dustin Inman Society president D.A. King announced his state-wide organization’s intent to actively recruit, locate funding for and assist at the grass-roots level a qualified GOP primary candidate for Cobb County’s Commission District 1 seat now held by Helen Goreham.

King says the West Cobb District can be much better represented by finding an intelligent and honest candidate who is based in reality and who will stand up to the powerful business community for job and identity theft protection with reasonable and workable methods. On the current commissioner, “follow the money” cautioned King.

“Helen Goreham has proven that she will do literally anything to prevent the implementation of the no-cost IMAGE system for contractors, including pushing a ridiculous “points system” that would somehow reward contractors if they became IMAGE certified. As most of us can clearly see, the contractors who Goreham, Lee and Cupid are shielding here will never even apply for IMAGE much less become fully compliant. In Helen’s little fantasy, the real score in her “points incentive system” would be zero to zero. We think that number has real meaning when applied to Helen Goreham. Under the ‘Goreham Zero Plan’, jobless Americans in Cobb County would continue to watch as illegal employers take county-funded jobs on which they will continue to use illegal aliens.” King said.

King noted that Commissioner Helen Goreham was one of the Cobb Commissioners who voted for the IMAGE certification system when Cobb County held a May, 2012 public signing of the agreement with ICE to become IMAGE compliant.

“Goreham’s latest adventure in pretending that there are contractors who will voluntarily become IMAGE certified to gain points in a bidding process will only result in more Cobb County Courthouse – type cheating of the very people she was elected to represent and protect” said King. “Apparently hoping that voters in her district have completely forgotten the Cobb Courthouse illegal alien worker debacle, Goreham has essentially moved to an ‘anything-but-real-enforcement-because-my-Chamber- donors-won’t- like-it mode.’ It is very possible that Goreham is fooling herself, but she it is not fooling anyone else.” King ended.