December 28, 2012

ACTION NEEDED! Please make your voice heard in Georgia: Help save JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! Don’t allow Georgia’s elected officials to ignore the crimes of illegal immigration and illegal employment

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ACTION NEEDED! –Five minutes of your time !

Don’t allow Georgia’s elected officials to ignore the crimes of illegal immigration and illegal employment! Make your voice heard! Help save the budget! Help save JOBS! JOBS! JOBS!

The entire Georgia state government is (officially) controlled by Republicans!

The Dustin Inman Society
December 27, 2012

Dear Pro-enforcement American,

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Please don’t let illegal immigration be dismissed by Georgia’s Republicanleadership…

*According to the U.S. Census and DHS, Georgia ranks number six in the nation in its population of illegal aliens, with more than Arizona.

*The Pew Hispanic Center has estimated that at least 7% of the state’s workforce is black-market, illegal labor. The official unemployment rate is hovering between 8% and 9%.

• English is an optional language
• Georgia spends around $2.4 billion each year on illegal immigration
• The liberal media constantly presents the illegals as the victims and the pro-enforcement Americans as the “mean-spirited” villains
• The USA takes in more legal immigrants than any other nation – Mexico is the number one sending country. Communist China is number two.

*Despite massive public clamoring to pass an important and badly needed illegal immigration-related bill last session (SB 458), the 2012 General Assembly was the first year since 2004 that the legislators failed to pass any legislation protecting jobs for Georgians aimed at illegal immigration. The improvements to Georgia law offered in that bill are even more urgent now. Illegal aliens, having escaped capture at America’s borders, are coming to Georgia, then going to their home country consulates and then obtaining a passport. That foreign passport obviously does not contain the proper visas or stamps issued by American immigration authorities at our borders – we call them undocumented passports. BUT- under Georgia law, illegal aliens can use these undocumented passports to “prove” they are here lawfully to Georgia law enforcement and public benefits administrators.

*The media is howling that “nurses can’t work because Georgia has illegal immigration laws…”- without telling you that if SB 458 had been allowed to pass last session, the confusion and extra admin work would have been avoided.

*Worse, many of the state laws put in place in the past designed to safeguard Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!, public benefits and state budget dollars are being ignored while valid complaints filed against these violations by state and local elected and appointed officials to the Georgia’s Immigration Enforcement Review Board are also being brushed aside and delayed.

*Having publicly lamented in 2011 that Georgia taxpayers spend about $2.4 billion a year on illegal immigration, currently Governor Nathan Deal is calling for cutbacks in most state agencies to help balance the budget. But, Governor Deal, along with Lt. Governor Casey Cagle has gone silent on the state’s obvious illegal immigration spending problem.

*Georgia’s powerful Speaker of the House, David Ralston has made it clear in responses to media queries that he approves of the intent of some in Washington DC to attempt to repeat the failed amnesty of 1986 for illegal aliens and fully intends to prevent a final vote on any immigration related legislation in the Georgia state House. Here is an out-take from a recently published Q&A with Speaker Ralston from the AJC’s “Political Insider”:

AJC -Q: Given that Republicans in Washington are reassessing their approach to immigration reform (amnesty), will the Legislature hold off on the issue?

Speaker Ralston -A: I’m hopeful that maybe now is the time. It’s long overdue. The states have acted. I don’t plan for us to revisit that issue here.

*It is important that all concerned understand that illegal immigration is not somehow a separate issue from any other topic in Georgia. Have you heard your own state Senator or state Representative mention the cost in budget dollars and Jobs!, Jobs!, Jobs! of Georgia’s illegal immigration crisis lately?

*FYI– Legalizing 12-20 million illegal aliens (500K-one million here in Georgia) would result in them becoming eligible for many millions more in taxpayer benefits and entitlements that are now not legally available to them because of their illegal status! And they won’t vote GOP if they are made into “Americans.” You may want to point that out to the “small-government” GOP politicians.

ACTION NEEDED:Please call, email and fax Governor Deal, Lt. Governor Cagle and Speaker Ralston and the other leaders below, along with your own state Senator and state House Rep to let them know you expect them to act in the 2013 Georgia General Assembly to put in place the common sense language they failed to pass in the 2012 session.

Suggested message: “We are watching and expect you to act on illegal immigration in Georgia- including to correct the current loophole that allows illegal aliens to “prove” they are here lawfully with foreign passports they obtain here in Georgia after they have escaped capture by American Border Patrol Agents. These “undocumented passports” do not contain the required federally issued visas or entry stamps that legal aliens must obtain when they come into our country the legalway. Accepting these undocumented foreign passports as Secure and Verifiable ID in Georgia is dangerous and only serves to encourage continued illegal immigration and allows illegal aliens to take jobs from Georgians and drain our budget.”

*Please start calling and emailing NOW and continue until the 12013 session starts in mid-January. Your own state Rep and state Senator needs to hear from you too!
You can leave a voice mail

Governor Nathan Deal
Call 404-656-1776
Email HERE – contact formFax 404/657-7332

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle
Call 404-656-5030
Email HERE (contact form)Fax (404) 656-6739

House Speaker David Ralston
Call 404-656-5020
Fax 404.657.8277

House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal
Call 404-656-5052
Fax404 656 5902

Senate Majority Leader (elect) Ronnie Chance
Call 404-463-1366
Fax 404 657 9887

Senate President ProTem (elect) David Shafer
Call 404-656-0048
FAX (404) 651-6768