November 18, 2012

NO TO AMNESTY-AGAIN! REMEMBER 1986! Don’t be fooled into open borders – FACTS and TALKING POINTS HERE! Be an educated American on the consequences of another legalization for illegal aliens!

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Note: This page is under construction and information will be constantly added. We will also be posting a list of the GOP Georgia delegation and their responses to an upcoming questionaire regarding their own position on joining the Obama Democrats and some in the Republican party in a quest for another legalization program. We hope that you will check back soon and also see our facebook page.

Please be an educated voter and make your voice heard. Please contact both of Georgia’s U.S. Senators and your own GOP Congressman with your views on a repeat of the amensty for illegal aliens of 1986. Ask them how this ridiculous surrender would help honest Georgians find a job…and remember, there is another election in twenty-three months. Contact info HERE.

Facts and talking points for pro-enforcement Americans against another massive legalization plan for illegal aliens in the USA. Please share this with friends, family and fellow patriots.

Following the disastrous November 2012 defeat in the presidential election and regardless of past evidence and majority American opinion, many Republicans are now joining Barack Hussein Obama and the far-left Democrats in trying to force an amnesty for illegal aliens through congress. There will be no public-input hearings or committee meetings on the maneuver.

The liberal media , political pundits and $ean Hannity , along with too many in GOP leadership are going to try to convince you that a legalization plan would end illegal immigration, result in secure borders and would somehow increase the Republican voting rolls. The fact that it is the liberal press and the Democrats who are pushing hardest for this sham should be an indicator of the fantasy of newly legalized, mostly Hispanic, low-wage, entitlement-dependent aliens joining the small government, low tax, rule-of-law Republican party.

Apparently, panicked leaders in the GOP are attempting to prove “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Again.

Most illegal immigration comes from Latin America. “Hispanics” are not a monolithic voting bloc. But they do largely vote big-government Democrat. Rather than what’s best for the republic, far too many low-wage voters support the candidate that promises the most entitlements (loot ). Hispanics included. In any language, it is 20th century Democrat President John F. Kennedy’s “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country” in reverse.

What is the message to the patriotic, rule-of-law, conservative Hispanic-Americans — including those who are real, legal immigrants — who do support Republicans if the GOP surrenders to the ongoing extortion from Obama, some in the GOP and the illegal alien lobby?

Reliable evidence available on Hispanic public opinion makes it clear that generally, “Hispanics” are a fairly liberal voting group. Just 12 percent of Latinos polled supported a cuts-only approach to deficit reduction. Only 25 percent want to repeal Obamacare. Only 31 percent said they’d be more likely to vote for a Republican who supports the DREAM Act.

Memo to the GOP base: Hispanics do not reward Republicans with majority support on amnesty.

FACT: Amnesty, by any name, is not the answer. Attrition through Enforcement works

The reasonable and workable solution to America’s illegal immigration crisis is to secure our borders, as is required by the constitution, insure that all temporary visa holders leave the U.S. on time and as agreed in their visa process and to enforce all of our immigration, benefits and employment laws. It has taken more than thirty years for this nationally-suicidal nightmare to develop. There is no overnight fix. The fact is that illegal aliens flee areas in which the law is enforced. Please tell your elected officials at all levels: Attrition Through Enforcement works ! A steady, gradual attrition of the illegal population through enforcement of the law is the answer.

FACT: We already tried amnesty – in 1986. It only served to increase illegal immigration. It did NOT increase GOP voting by Hispanics

The first thing all Americans should know about legalizing the 12-20 million illegal aliens who are even now taking American jobs, benefit and services while they march in the streets of our nation demanding special treatment under the law is that “comprehensive immigration reform” is the 21st century code word for another amnesty and that this is not a new or un-tried idea. I was done in 1986 and only rewarded and increased illegal immigration .

In 1986 we were told by the GOP-led federal government, big business, big religion, the big ethnic lobby and the shameless liberal media that the illegal immigration problem would be solved forever, that our borders would be secured and illegal employment would end if we legalized about one million illegal aliens. The real result was that about three-million illegals eventually received amnesty. Remember that when the press constantly tells you that there are only “11 million” illegals here now.

Pro-amnesty GOP leaders should pay attention to 2012 election-day talking points distributed by Dr. Juan Andrade Jr. at the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute. He unintentionally illustrates the absurdity and folly of the latest position on “comprehensive immigration reform” from some congressional leaders. Andrade points out that in his run for re-election in 1984, Ronald Reagan promised legalization. And got 37 percent of the Hispanic vote.

In 1988, just two years after the GOP actually delivered the “one-time” amnesty, Republican presidential candidate George H.W. Bush lost the Latino vote by 39 points. Ever-pandering GOP Texan George W. Bush, who promised amnesty in his 2004 re-election campaign, got less than 40 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Republican John McCain got 31 percent of the Latino vote despite his desperate foreign-language radio campaign promise of amnesty “on day one” in 2008.

The record low was Bob Dole at 21 percent in 1996 against incumbent Bill Clinton, who had just implemented landmark, effective border enforcement with “Operation Gatekeeper ,” a massive project announced in 1994 “to restore integrity and safety to the nation’s busiest border” that secured the American/Mexican border in San Diego. An action that outraged the illegal alien lobby then and still does today.

Pro-enforcement Democrat Clinton won in a landslide. With 72 percent of the Hispanic vote.

Documenting millions of undocumented potential Democrats is a ridiculous approach to electing a conservative president or saving the remnants of the Republican Party.

FACT: Illegal aliens are not “immigrants”

Federal law defines “immigrant” as an alien (non-citizen) who enters the United States lawfully with the intention of permanent residence ( LPR, which is documented with a “Green Card”) – or an alien who is already here and has been granted LPR. An illegal alien, someone here in violation of our immigration laws is not any kind of an “immigrant.”

FACT: Border security is not a bargaining chip and nearly half the illegals now here did not come over the border illegally. They came lawfully, on temporary visas. There is no effective system in place to effectively monitor visa departures or overstays.

Your check is in the mail? To the endless promise from the usual suspects of “don’t worry, this time we are going to secure the border, no, really, before we initiate the legalization process”: It should also be noted that nearly half of the illegals currently demanding amnesty-again did not come over American borders illegally. They came on legal, temporary visas and refused to leave.

Do we continually offer amnesty to visa-overstayers too? Why not simply announce a scheduled future comprehensive pull-out for all of our immigration law enforcement?

FACT: The United States has nothing to apologize for on immigration.

Even now, with the years-old unemployment crisis, the USA takes in more (real, legal) immigrants than any nation in the world at more than one million each year. The traditional level of immigration is around 250,000 – 300,000 annually. If any apology is needed, it should be to the immigrants and citizens who are watching their jobs and rule of law be taken by illegal aliens and the people who employ them. Note: The U.S. also imports more than one million temporary guest workers each year.

FACT: The main cause of Illegal immigration is illegal employment.

While it is true that some non-citizens are here with the intention of doing us great harm, most illegal immigration is caused by the fact even as millions of their countrymen suffer from unemployment, integrity-free employers will hire black-market labor because illegals will work for less than an American or legal immigrant. It is all about the money, profit margins and “cheap labor.” The illegals come here because they can make more money than at home and the illegal employers hire thm for more profits.

FACT: There is no such thing as “cheap labor.”

The artificially low wages paid to illegal labor does not allow the illegals to afford to pay for the benefits and services that they consume. It is the American citizens – including those who are real, legal immigrants – who are watching as their taxes go top pay for illegals. Governor Nathan Deal has repeatedly said that Georgians pay around $2.4 billion each year for the cost of education, health care amd incarceration alone because of illegal aliens and their children.

FACT: Employment verification – E-Verify -deters illegal hiring, illegal immigration and saves JOBS!, JOBS!, JOBS! for American workers.

The no-cost (it’s free!) federal E-Verify employment verification system is a quick, easy to use, reliable and accurate method of insuring that newly-hired employees are eligible to work in the United States. E-Veroifyu is currently used by*** employers and about *** employers sign up every day month week***

FACT: Corporate America is as anti-enforcement as the radical ethnic lobby and is a powerful enemy of the American majority on immigration enforcement and amnesty.

It was the United States Chamber of Commerce that sued multiple times in federal court in an effort to prevent the federal government from requiring use of E-Verify for many federal contractors. It was also the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in concert with radical far-left groups that went all the way to the United States Supreme Court to stop implementation of Arizona’s 2007 E-Verify law.

FACT: There is no such thing as an “undocumented immigrant.”

The legal, proper and accurate name for those here in violation of American immigration laws is “illegal alien.” Illegal aliens possess a wide variety of “documents” including fraudulent and stolen IDs and identification from their home countries designed to make likle easier for them to reside illegally in the United States. While they send billions of dollars back