August 24, 2012


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Press Statement from D.A. King 24 August 2012

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Today, D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, shared several observations on the “UnDocUbus” excursion to Atlanta .

“Today, the proverbial “busload of illegal aliens” has arrived in Atlanta while these criminals fearlessly tour a large part of the U.S. to demonstrate their undocumented, open defiance of American immigration laws, American borders and the American way of life. It is a crime to enter the U.S. without proper inspection and without proper documents. Just as it is a federal violation for an alien to be present in the USA without proof of lawful presence on his person at all times.

Longstanding federal law (8USC1324) makes it a crime to harbor, assist, shelter, transport, employ or encourage an illegal alien to remain in the U.S. Recently upheld state law allows state and local police to determine immigration status during the investigation of violation of state or federal law if the suspect cannot provide proper ID.

Georgians looking for a better life should not expect the Obama administration to allow the brave federal immigration enforcement officers risking their lives at ICE to enforce immigration laws at today’s display of the political influence of self-described and boastful fugitives who have escaped capture at our borders.

Neither should they expect to see Georgia’s Chief Executive, Governor Nathan Deal, (404 656 1776) use the power of enforcement inherent in his office to risk causing a scene at today’s rally against the American Dream of an equal application of the law.

Anyone watching who likes the current state of affairs in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela will surely also admire the anarchy and lawlessness on display here today by the angry illegals, their conniving organizers and their collective power over the president Barack Hussein Obama.

While the president and the Georgia’s governor grant today’s defacto amnesty to illegal aliens who are stealing “jobs!, jobs!, jobs!”, real, legal immigrants who joined the American family lawfully stand in unemployment lines with Americans –and while the rule of law upon which our nation was founded is discarded along with The Founders constitution.

Georgians wondering what their grandfather’s would say about today’s Georgia and America should take a good look at the impact and result of not only the 1986 amnesty and today’s refusal to enthusiastically enforce immigration and employment laws, but what the future holds for their children in 21st century America.

Somebody let us know if the Georgia Chamber of Commerce has a speaker at today’s illegal alien rally?”