July 12, 2012

The federal IMAGE program – a short education on how to get black-market labor out of your local taxpayer-funded jobs VIDEO

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IMAGE certification – the ultimate workplace tool to remove illegal aliens

A short education on the federal IMAGE certification program for pro-enforcement activists from sea to shining sea – a short and humble HOW TO on getting your local government to help remove illegal labor from public jobs

For pro-enforcement Americans across the nation who are correctly outraged at the lack of honesty, attention to law, his oath of office, the constitution and any sense of honor or integrity on the part of Dear Ruler Barack Hussein Obama on the crimes of illegal immigration and illegal employment, I humbly offer a premise: All politics is local and you can make a difference on the state and local level.

Here in Georgia we have laws on the books that require all public employers and their contractors (think cities, counties and state agencies – any entity with an HR Department – and any contractor or subcontractor paid with tax dollars) to use the no-cost federal E-Verify program. We are very proud of that fact and it took a great deal of work.

Two problems: Many elected and appointed officials and contractors (see short news video HERE ) regard these laws as an option and E-Verify, while an excellent program, only verifies work eligibility of newly hired employees after the program is put in place by the employer. Black-market labor hired before use of E-Verify will not be exposed by that program. An illegal alien who produced a stolen Social Security number can make it through the E-Verify process.

There is a little known federal program that is not just a step up from E-Verify, but currently the ultimate removal tool. It is called the IMAGE program. You can see the official IMAGE website HERE .

The beauty of the IMAGE program is that to become IMAGE certified, the employer – public or private – must sign up for E-Verify and among other actions, must submit to a federal audit of past hiring records, called “I-9” forms for all employees. The federal audit will expose the use of false and stolen documents produced by illegal aliens at hiring. Social security records can be checked.

For a little fun, educate your local government on IMAGE and then create public pressure for that entity to become IMAGE certified. Listen to the excuses and drivel involved in the argument that it is somehow acceptable to not use a no-cost tool to insure that the official agency is not paying illegal aliens and why “we don’t need to do the IMAGE certification process at this time…”

If you do it right, sooner or later, many local officials will yield to public pressure and make the application to ICE to become IMAGE certified.

Then you start over and demand that all public-funded contractors be IMAGE certified by a date in the near future. It gets quite involved and interesting then. The desperate nonsense Chamber of Commerce provided excuses get almost amusing.

This is the stage we are in here in Cobb County Georgia , where I have lived for nearly thirty years.

VIDEO: You can see a five-minute official county video of this long time American’s attempt to convince his local county government to make it a requirement that all public contractors become IMAGE certified HERE . No laughing.

You can read about the beginning of the process HERE , the report on public signing of the county’s IMAGE agreement with ICE HERE and today’s local news report on the Board of Commissioners Chairman’s flustered response (we must be careful when using tools that expose illegal workers on public contractor’s payrolls!) to public pressure HERE .

Wish us luck. Feel free to help out.

And do try this at home!