July 6, 2012

Kevin Foley: I was wrong, the media made me do it – but stop calling me names you bigoted, racist haters!

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From my Marietta Daily Journal blog:

Kevin Foley: “ I was wrong, the media made me do it. But stop calling me names… you bigoted, racist haters!”

by DA_King
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July 06, 2012

This just in! Progressive Kevin Foley has finally acknowledged that despite his repeated proclamations that this writer was inaccurate on the matter, Obama’s DREAM Act amnesty of June 15 was not an Executive Order.

He says the media made him get it wrong. (see Foley’s latest entry on my latest MDJ column comments)Would somebody please tell Kevin Foley the message and topic in my column was that the Cobb BOC should protect jobs and American’s Social Security numbers by using the IMAGE certification tool requirement for public contractors?

Somebody please tell Foley that the media seldom gets it right or complete on illegal immigration?

Foley even included part of an apology in his admission. But he couldn’t help going on to give us further insight into the way his leftist mind functions. In the same comment in which he is admitting he simply accepted media reports even after being told multiple times that the reports were wrong, he feels compelled to insert this little gem: “I think silence in the face of the far right misinformation tsunami (see my MDJ column tomorrow) is antithetical to democracy, especially in Cobb where the MDJ is pretty much the only large public forum.”

“Misinformation tsunami” indeed. What a case this guy is.

And while we are here, can somebody clue-in liberal Foley on the fact that the United States of America is not, never has been and was never intended to be a “Democracy?”

Foley assured us that he will do better on fact checking in the future. Then, being the arrogant sort, went on to warn me to “You should be sure you do the same.” Yawn. Somebody please tell Foley he can read every newspaper column I have ever written over the last decade and that he is welcome to use the vast superior intellect he still believes he possesses to find inaccuracies in them?

Foley closes his admission and apology with “(I hope you and your followers note I didn’t have to revert to sophomoric name-calling to make my point. Would you had that skill.)”

How rich. How hilarious.

Let’s be clear: The first time someone pointed out Foley’s existence was when he assured blog readers that he was an expert at public relations: “I have worked in public relations for most of my 35-year career. That’s another way of saying I work with words. In my business, the right words can influence, motivate and even inspire. The wrong words can alienate, anger and hurt. When I work with clients, I always advise them to take the high road. Tell your audience what is right with your brand, not what’s wrong with your competition’s.” This on his way to suggesting that I end any reference to illegal aliens by describing them as “illegal aliens.” “So here’s a bit of PR advice for Mr. King: Make your argument, sir, but please take the high road.”

Over the last ten years, it was about the 100th time I had read this parroted variation on the constant ridiculous liberal effort to redefine the English language so as to redefine the fact that illegal aliens are illegal. And, while I seldom do, I said as much in a reply.

“Sophomoric name-calling?” “Take the high road?” Oy Vey.

Having spent far too much time reading Foley’s past columns, blog entries and his ever-present comments on the same in the last couple of days, I see that Foley the arrogant liberal wasn’t at all happy with my response to his call from the mountain-top to use ACLU/La Raza invented, PC terms and refer to illegal aliens as “undocumented workers.”

While apparently incensed enough to go ahead and attack the Cobb community in general, Foley’s high road, “motivational and inspiring” words in response to being rejected went like this: “He responded to my well-mannered suggestions with a smug, condescending justification of his brand of racial prejudice. Yes, Mr. King, it’s racial. You can stop pretending now. Along with Jan Brewer and Joe Arpaio, you’ve simply found a way to camouflage your bias against Latinos and Hispanics by wrapping yourself in the American flag and crying “our laws are being broken!”. And like a lot of demagogues you’re even somewhat famous hereabouts, where it’s not terribly difficult to find other bigoted bullies who’ll line up with you. Haven’t we seen this movie before? It used to be “uppity Negros” who “didn’t know their place” in the old Jim Crow era; burning Freedom Rider buses, poll taxes, and Bull Connor’s attack dogs. Now it’s undocumented workers, most of whom find themselves employed and often exploited by American business owners, doing the dirty jobs none of us want to do: Cleaning toilets, washing dishes, gutting chickens, digging holes. And D.A. King adds to their misery.”

Got that folks? You can read the entire MDJ blog from angry Kevin Foley.

Golly, how surprising. A pro-amnesty, liberal empty-suit who anxiously believes what the liberal media tells him – and doesn’t tell him – on illegal immigration and illegal employment spewing “racist” at anyone who demands that immigration laws be enforced. How unusual, ehh? See what I mean by argument-free, mindless liberal race-baiter?

I will happily pass Foley’s hateful name-calling on to the members of the Board of Advisors of the Dustin Inman Society. Including the proud Latino and Black American members.

Progressive Kevin Foley should get accustomed to retractions, corrections and apologies. And we aren’t nearly finished with this pompous wanna-be yet.

Readers should make it a point to read Kevin Foley and from here at El Rancho King, a large “thank you” to the newspaper for educating its readers on just what a liberal really is.

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