May 13, 2012

Earth to liberal, anti-enforcement, accidental entertainer Kevin Foley of Kennesaw, Georgia: Allen West is a proud black American – to reduce laughter, do a little research before jerking your race-baiting knee in public newspaper columns

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Mindless liberal alert!

The below is an on-target LTE from the MDJ on the wit and wisdom of a local character named Kevin Foley resulting from a guest column Foley wrote attacking Congressman Allen West and the Tea Party. Don’t miss the rapier-sharp come back from Foley in the comments. Enjoy.

If you are truly bored, you can see Foley go to the deep end of the pool and attack pro-enforcement Americans (including yours truly) on use of the term “illegal alien” HERE & HERE. Since Foley didn’t link to my reply, I do that HERE.

Ain’t it a hoot?

Foley can be contacted HERE Or through the editor at the Marietta Daily Journal (Letters@mdjonline(dot) com)

Foley proved facts don’t matter

The Marietta Daily Journal

May 08, 2012


I am a proud member and leader of a local tea party group. I recently read an MDJ guest column written by Kevin Foley (“West plays ‘Red’ card to hide record” ) in which he attacks U.S. Rep. Allen West as a tea partyer and curiously quotes Benjamin Franklin — wildly unrelated to his diatribe and completely out of context (“We must hang together, gentlemen, else we shall most assuredly hang separately”…what?)

More from Foley in the MDJ: “Tea partyers like West are failing because they see modern America in monochrome. The country has changed since the Constitution was written, yet tea partyers long for the days of when a man — and only a white man — could do as he pleased, however he pleased.”

Race-baiting aside, I don’t think Foley realizes that West is a black American. Could somebody at the newspaper please inform him of that? Neither do I think it would matter to Foley once he gets himself going at painting concerned Americans who do not subscribe to his liberal agenda as intolerant racists. This is a timeless example of the arrogant and facts-matter-not liberal attitude.

Jan Barton


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