May 4, 2012

The communist party was at the May Day illegal alien lobby rally against immigration enforcement at the Georgia Capitol – and they held up a bright red banner all day long with a link to their Website. And the media forgot (again) to report that inconvenient fact…

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Banner at the GLAHR organized anti-borders rally in front of the Georgia Capitol – photo: DIS


Photos of banners HERE . The one on the bottom has a URL printed on it: REVCOM.US . Click on it to see where it takes you.

After attending the event (it fizzled, only about 100 street-screamers showed up) I read and viewed and listened to many press reports ( HERE is one) on the rally organized by Comrades Teodoro Maus and Adelina Nichols over at the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights Inc. (GLAHR).

The above communist party presence fact went unreported. As usual, this is not considered news worthy. Ooops, eh?

Imagine the press coverage if the loathsome, toothless and disgusting klanners ever were allowed to unfurl a banner at a pro-enforcement rally at the Georgia Capitol or anywhere else.