March 13, 2012

SPLC: Jerry Gonzalez of the illegal alien lobby corporation GALEO has ties to a certified “hate group”

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Slime, slimed by the slime – Angry Jerry gets a new and well-deserved name: “Angry Jerry-with-ties-to- a- hate- group Gonzalez”

According to the SPLC, Jerry Gonzalez, Executive Director of the anti-enforcement Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials and well-known, far- left smear artist has ties to a designated hate group. Namely, the Marietta branch of the Nation of Islam.

It is my great pleasure to write about recent news concerning GALEO’s Gerado E. (Jerry) Gonzalez from the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center and their latest release of their annual fund-raising “hate map” (I am not making this up, they really publish a national map of what they say are “groups” that “hate” – they even have them divided up into categories). Not many rational people pay much attention this nonsense.

But for the illegal alien lobby, it is a large part of their tool box. “Ties to hate groups” is the constant, baseless and shrill howl made in endless hope that pro-enforcement Americans’ message of demanding an equal application of Americvan immigration laws. Even for illegal aliens. Even for Hispanics.

You can read more HERE until I get time to write more. What a hoot!