January 24, 2012

YES TO GEORGIA’S HB 59! ACTION NEEDED! Please use 2 minutes of your time today to help save Georgia’s public-funded classroom seats for REAL IMMIGRANTS and AMERICAN CITIZENS!

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Please call, email and fax today and every day this week? The illegal alien lobby is doing exactly that right now!

WHY should we allow illegals a college seat while we turn away American veterans?

YES TO HB 59 in Georgia!

Please help us save Georgia’s classroom seats in public-funded universities and Tech Schools for legal residents who are actually eligible to work in the USA! HB 59 does exactly that!

Please call, email and fax Higher Education Com. Chairman Carl Rogers, Majority Leader Larry O’Neal and Speaker David Ralston and ask them to send HB 59 to the House floor for a vote ASAP.

House Higher Education Chairman Carl Rogers 404.656.5146 carl.rogers@house.ga.gov

House Majority Leader Larry O’Neal 404.656.5052 larry.oneal@house.ga.gov

House Speaker David Ralston – 404.656.5020 david.ralston@house.ga.gov

Your message:

“Please use your leadership position to move HB 59 to the House floor for a vote. The bill was put on hold last year in order to devote full attention to HB 87, which became law last year once again proved that immigration enforcement works.

Sen. Chip Rogers, who authored the 2006 law, testified in the House Higher Education Committee last year that it was intended to preserve Georgia’s university seats for students who are citizens or legal residents.

HB 59 says that the Board of Regents must obey the clear intent our 2006 illegal immigration law by requiring public universities to verify that alien applicants are eligible to attend.

Georgia has a limited amount of educational resources and college seats. It makes no sense to spend taxpayer dollars for the education of a student who cannot legally work in the country upon graduation. Likewise, it makes no sense to displace veterans and others in order to admit illegal aliens.YES to HB 59!”

More, if you have time: Opponents of HB 59 say that we should not punish illegal-alien children for what their parents have done. But since we have a limited number of college seats available for children of LEGAL immigrants, I would suggest that we should not punish them for what their parents did NOT do – defy our immigration and employment laws.

I have confidence that you will listen to the voting public and push for more immigration enforcement measures like HB 59. Remember, people like me support this legislation because enforcement works.

Please call, email and fax today and every day this week? The illegal alien lobby is doing exactly that right now!

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