July 21, 2011

All politics is local: TAMAR JACOBY -TRANSCRIPT – IW National conf call 3-29-2011:Chamber of Commerce – Utah compact ‘”your’e not going to find the Chamber’s fingerprints on it…”

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TRANSCRIPT – TAMAR JACOBY IW National conf call 3-29-2011: Chamber of Commerce on the Utah compact: ‘”your’e not going to find the Chamber’s fingerprints on it…”


MR. ROBIN RIGGS: Okay, thank you. Appreciate it, Tamar, and appreciate being on the call.
It really began almost three years ago. Salt Lake Chamber had originally proposed a Guest Worker Program sometime ago and introduced it to the legislature and there was not a lot of interest…So the legislature was on record and so that sort of sat there until Arizona came up and their enforcement provisions and then it just got hot here in Utah…So we then – the chamber, we sort of fleshed out our Guest Worker ideas that we had proposed earlier and quietly started to work on legislation even as early as last summer and trying to get our friends on board as an alternative to what Sandstrom was pushing publicly. That sort of insider, you know, politics that we play pretty well here in Utah…And that’s when the idea of the Utah Compact came together. That really originated with us here at the Chamber..

Yeah, we did. Yeah, in fact, what we did is the Compact, we tried to make sure that it was characterized as something that came from the broader community, not from the Chamber.

So, if you look in – (inaudible) – if you look online and look anywhere where the genesis of this came from, you’re not going to Chamber’s fingerprints on it. And so we just ran the two parallel tracks – we ran – we kept pushing on legislation but also very, very strongly pushed the Compact forward.

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