July 20, 2011

D.A. King in the Dalton Citizen today – Guest column: Media doesn’t reflect reality of immigration numbers

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Guest column published today in Georgia’s Dalton Daily Citizen. We thank that newspaper for the space. This column is not online at this time.

I have requested a clarification on my name in their paper as they used the name “Dustin King” as the author. I also sent a short education on who Dustin really was. Information on Dustin Inman HERE.


If there is a “Dustin King” I am not aware of that person.

Dalton Citizen

Media doesn’t reflect reality of immigration numbersGuest column

July 20, 2011

A major obstacle to average Americans’ ability to gain a real understanding of the immigration issue is the policy of many in the media to offer “news” that mostly promotes and encourages the anti-enforcement agenda.

While many individuals the press refers to as “immigrant rights activists” bemoan the fact that we even have immigration laws, the fact is the USA takes in more than one million legal immigrants each year – more than any nation on the planet. We have nothing to apologize for.

Here is a quick look at what the ethnic hustlers who strive for open borders tell us is the “broken immigration system.” They may have an unintended point.

Number one region of origin of American immigration? Africa. Number two? Asia.

Here it must be noted – again – that the federal definition of “immigrant” is a person who enters the United States lawfully with the intention of permanent residence – or an alien who has been granted ‘Lawful Permanent Residence.’ A status documented by what is commonly known as a “Green Card.” Temporary workers are not immigrants. Foreigners who escape capture while sneaking into our country illegally are certainly not immigrants either. They should never be rewarded with legalization like we tried in the “one-time” amnesty of 1986.

Number one country of origin for immigrants? Mexico, sending about twice as many (139,120) as number two… the People’s Republic of China, at 70,863.

The latest DHS annual immigration flow report entitled ‘U.S. Legal Permanent Residents: 2010’ also tells us that number three on the list is the nation of India. Then the Philippines, followed by the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Vietnam, Haiti, Columbia, S. Korea, Iraq (19,855) and Jamaica. Next, after El Salvador, comes Pakistan, Bangladesh (14,819), Ethiopia, Peru, Iran (14,182) and Nigeria.

Coming in at number twenty on the list that totals 1,042,625 immigrants for 2010 is Canada (13,328), with “all other countries” listed last and as a group sending just 359,055 people to be future American voters. This category includes the countries from which the pre-1965 “old America” was largely populated. You know, Poland, Sweden, Italy, England, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Greece, France – out-of-fashion places like that.

The 1965 Immigration Reform Act was the beginning of America’s current mass immigration disorder. Before then, America was a low-immigration nation under laws written in 1924 and altered in 1952. As a result, America became a fundamentally middle-class society, and our many mostly European (uh-oh!) ethnic groups assimilated into a common national culture. One that proudly – and logically – worked toward use of a common language… English. No one had to choose a language on American telephone calls.

The very educational material contained in the DHS flow report is not considered “newsworthy” by most editors and producers.

Why do you think that is? The prediction is that our children will have to deal with nearly half-a-billion people by 2050. English is now an optional language in the USA.

Even bringing this important topic up will be met with swift and certain attempts at public punishment.

Prepare for the mindless “but we are a nation of immigrants” goop and try to forget that we are actually a nation of laws. And that literally billions of people in the world want to live here. And that unless we want to become a completely Balkanized, mirror image of the nations they desperately flee, we can’t allow all potential immigrants to migrate into the USA. And in case nobody noticed, low skilled wages are stagnant and we have twenty-five million or so unemployed or under-employed Americans…many of whom are immigrants. Many of whom will happily make carpet for a wage on which to live the American Dream in their own country.

No matter the clap-trap put out by the identity-politics hucksters and happily passed on by the media, we must enforce our borders and immigration laws to at least regulate the number of people who come to live here. And honor and protect the real immigrants who obeyed the rules. Not to mention our resources, that famous American culture, the English language and national sovereignty.

Another report from DHS, ‘Estimates of the Unauthorized Immigrant Population Residing in the United States: January 2010’ gives us official information on from where illegal immigration comes. Number one nation on the list? Mexico. Then El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, the Philippines, India, Ecuador, Brazil, Korea, China and last “all other countries.”

You may have seen some of these victims of geography participating in the most recent uprising against pro-enforcement Americans while marching on the Georgia Capitol angrily demanding an end to any enforcement of our immigration laws.

Don’t look now, but the U.S. laws that provide the illegals taxpayer funded education, no-cost health care, translation – and welfare benefits to the jackpot babies born here to illegals – seem to be completely acceptable to the fugitive illegals.

We should measure immigration enforcement here against the way it is done in …Mexico. We have a long way to go.

D.A. King is a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration and president of the pro-enforcement Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society. On the Web: www.TheDustinInmanSociety.org