April 5, 2011

This is the letter Governor Deal has been sending out in response to our pleas to keep his campaign promises on enforcement in Georgia

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You can read Governor Deal’s promises HERE


ATLANTA 30334-0900

Nathan Deal


Dear Mrs. L :

Thank you for contacting my office regarding illegal immigration and its effects on our state. I appreciate your concerns.

As Governor of Georgia, protecting taxpayers from the costs of illegal immigration and enforcing the rule of law are top priorities of mine. I look forward to signing into law comprehensive immigration reform that will truly protect the interests of Georgians. I commend the General Assembly for addressing this issue and for taking the time to listen to all interested parties as they craft legislation on this sensitive subject.

Fighting against illegal immigration was one of my top priorities while I served in Congress. As a member of the Immigration Reform Caucus, I took an active role in strengthening our laws pertaining to this national problem. In 2009, I offered an amendment to the Affordable Health Choices Act that would have required citizenship verification for people renewing and applying for medical benefits. I was also the lead sponsor of legislation that would prevent automatic citizenship for babies born in the United States to illegal immigrants and require citizenship verification for all Medicaid applicants.

So that this situation can be addressed to your satisfaction, I encourage you to discuss your ideas with your state legislators. Should you need their contact information, it is available from your county board of voter registration. You can look up any bill under consideration by the Georgia General Assembly by going to the legislature’s website at http:www.legis.ga.gov/.

As comprehensive reform would require a federal solution, I encourage you to share your thoughts with your Members of Congress. Should you need their contact information, it is available from your county board of voter registration.

While I recognize and appreciate the contributions made by our immigrant population, we must ensure that those who enter our country do so legally. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you again for writing.