April 5, 2011

Democrat Congressman John Lewis: “The jails of Georgia, the jails of America are not large enough to hold all of us” Illegal aliens to block traffic in Atlanta Georgia – yawn

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Last month about 5,000 screaming, chanting, resentful illegal aliens and the remora-like subversives who support them took over Washington Street in front of the Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Speaker after speaker boasted of being in the U.S. illegally and assured the fearless mob that there is a human and civil right to ignore American borders and immigration and employment laws. Having escaped capture at our borders, apparently they are now all oppressed victims suffering persecution in America … but entitled to U.S. citizenship.The organizers of the event, are a mix of socialists, anarchists, local ethnic hustlers and the ACLU (but I repeat myself).

In speeches, some well-known Democrats – including U.S. Rep. John Lewis of Atlanta – urged the mob on and assured them they were right and would be victorious. And that help was on the way. The rally was originally scheduled for May Day – the traditional socialist workers holiday.

What has happened elsewhere in a growing U.S. movement, will occur today for the first time in the state of Georgia: seven undocumented youth will step out of the shadows of anonimity to "come out," publicly share their citizenship status and personal stories. The seven participate in this action as part of a national campaign meant to encourage other undocumented youth to similarly "come out" and demand access to higher education.
On Tuesday afternoon Dayanna Rebolledo, David Ramirez, Andrea Rosales, Viridiana Martinez, Jose Rico Benavides, Georgina Perez and Maria Marroquin will identify themselves as "undocumented and unafraid." The event, part of The Dream is Coming project will take place at a rally with their supporters across from Georgia State University in Atlanta's Hurt Park.
The seven and theri supporters are planning to move from that rally to a nearby intersection where they will sit down and block traffic, risking arrest to bring attention to their demands to access higher education and their opposition to anti-immigrant legislation. The rally specifically opposes HB 59, a bill that would ban undocumented immigrants from colleges, and HB 87, a bill allowing local police to inquire about immigration status if they suspect they may be undocumented.
The group invites contributions from the public to a fund for the bond and/or bail of any undocumented youth who are detained while participating in actions of civil disobedience.
"I am tired of living in fear," states Georgina Perez. "I am tired of being constantly told I cannot do something just because of my status. I was brought to this country over 18 years ago, when I was just three [years old]. I am a proud Georgian, I want to contribute to this nation, and I will not let anyone tell me how to live my life. I am no longer afraid."
Undocumented youth throughout the nation have worked politically for years to forge a path to legalization. Now, however, they increasingly feel that they are forced to take the path of radical action for themselves and to advance their communities. The Georgia youth take inspiration from Representative John Lewis, former chair of the Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee (SNCC), now a 12 term Georgia congressman. [See video, above post]
Motivated by frustration as well as their fiercely urgent dream to act as agents of their own destinies, the students who participate in "The Dream is Coming" say they want to be catalysts to create a better future. Through the DREAM movement they seek empowerment, mobilization, and a dignified life.
An estimated 74,000 undocumented youth currently live in the state of Georgia, according to a July 2010 Migration Policy Institute report. Over 2.1 million undocumented youth reside in the United States.
Undocumented youth have been arrested in some previous actions of this national movement. One of them, identified as "Mohammed," was arrested in May 2010 while staging a sit-in at the Tucson offices of Senator John McCain.
"It is time for those against us to decide which side they are on. As undocumented youth we are no longer going to stand by while our rights are taken away," he stated.