March 29, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce Endorses Georgia’s HB 87, the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcment Act of 2011

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011 11:52 AM
Subject: Arizona Senate President Pearce Supports Georgia’s HB 87

Arizona State Senate

1700 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Pres. Russell Pearce, R-18
Senate President

Press Release

March 29, 2011


From the office of Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, President of the Senate

Georgia immigration enforcement bill endorsed by the President of the Arizona Senate –

“YES to HB 87, the Georgia Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011” says Senator Russell Pearce, author of Arizona’s SB 1070 and the toughest employer sanctions law in the nation.”

Authored by Georgia Representative Matt Ramsey, Georgia legislation poised to reduce illegal alien population, protect jobs for real immigrants and citizens and greatly benefit public safety in Georgia and the nation, not to mention jobs for Americans and lower crime rates.

Today, I the President of the Arizona Senate, Russell Pearce, strongly express my support for pending immigration and employment law enforcement legislation in the state of Georgia and endorsed the Georgia bill, HB 87.

“I have read the very comprehensive bill from Georgia and commend Georgia Representative Matt Ramsey for one of the most well-written, well thought-out pieces of badly needed state enforcement legislation in the nation” said Pearce.

“This bill passed out of the Georgia House by a huge margin with bi-partisan support and is supported by the chairman of that body’s Agriculture Committee. Having seen the positive effects of enforcement here in Arizona, I can assure all concerned that HB 87 will serve to greatly reduce the illegal population in Georgia, save budget dollars and protect jobs for American workers in that great state.” Pearce added.

HB 87 is set for the committee process on this, the last full week of the 2011 Georgia General Assembly session. The new governor of Georgia, former Congressman Nathan Deal pledged to support an SB 1070 style law there during the recent campaign.

“I have no doubt that my good friend Governor Deal is anxious to sign Representative Ramsey’s bill into law and that the Georgia Senate is acting enthusiastically to get the widely supported legislation to his desk as soon as possible. It is easy to understand: enforcement works!

There are great savings to taxpayers here in Arizona from SB 1070, such as over $400 million in K-12. For the first time in state history we have a declining prison population from a historical growth of 70 to 140 inmates per month growth. Arizona’s violent crime rate has dropped over 3 times that of the national average. Media reports indicate 100,000 illegal aliens have left the state since SB 1070 went into effect. Arizona’s state motto of “attrition by enforcement” works. Jobs for Americans, lower crime rates, reduced cost to taxpayers and a respect for the rule of law will be noted in Georgia soon after the law goes into effect.

Georgia led the nation in enforcement with passage of the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, authored by Georgia Senator Chip Rogers. This new legislation from Matt Ramsey builds on the original law and I am told Senator Rogers is guiding HB 87 through the Senate. Georgia is in very good hands.”


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