March 22, 2011

D.A. King on Insider Advantage Georgia today: Thursday Gold Dome anti-enforcement lunchtime rally worth the price of admission

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Insider Advantage Georgia is a subscription Website. The below is reposted here with permission. We are grateful to Mr. Gary Reese, editor.

Insider Advantage Georgia

D.A. King: Thursday Gold Dome anti-enforcement lunchtime rally worth the price of admission
D.A. King

March 23, 2011

How terrified is the anti-enforcement mob of actual compliance with American immigration and employment laws and passage of state legislation targeting Georgia’s illegal immigration crisis?

Georgia citizens, political observers, pundits, legislators (especially legislators) and all denizens of the Georgia Capitol should step outside the Gold Dome on Thursday to see the sound and fury of the open borders-pro illegal alien mob to find out.

Having escaped capture at our borders, some of the half-million or so illegal aliens in Georgia are coming out of the shadows and protesting American immigration laws in Atlanta, Georgia – USA. Again.

Do not look for federal authorities to arrest any of the self-described “undocumented” who will hold signs and model t-shirts reading “WE WILL NOT COMPLY!” and “AMNESTY FOR ALL WORKERS!” “NO BORDERS! – SIN FRONTERAS” and “ILLEGAL AND UNAFRAID.”

Such extreme enforcement action could cause a scene and be regarded as “profiling.”

Billed by the corporate funded, far-left coalition of sponsoring groups as a “RALLY FOR TRUTH – Marching for dignity” the 11:00 AM event on the Capitol steps will host thousands of illegals and the parasitic subversives who organize the potential political power of these victims of international borders, geography and immigration regulation.

For the organizers, defeating the legislation is integral to keeping their “oppressed” golden geese constituency in the Peach State.

The stated goal of the shindig (I hear the Indigo Girls – “acoustic folk rock with angst” – duo is attending) is to defeat passage of pending state legislation aimed at protecting jobs for legal workers and enforcement of American immigration laws in Georgia. The bills mentioned in the event flyer sent out by the various hosts are SB 40 and HB 87. Including SB 40 proves these folks don’t really read the legislation they oppose – they have little to fear from that one.

If previous similar events are any guide, the media will overlook coverage of the ever-present literature and placards from the Socialist Workers Party and the Communist Party of America.

Neither is any reporter likely to note the shameless affront to real immigrants offered up by these hucksters with howls that enforcement of immigration laws is somehow “anti-immigrant.”

And, in the frenzy of mindless race-baiting don’t look for the MSM to point out that “illegal” is not a race, but a crime. Or that most legal immigration into the U.S. comes from Mexico. Or that Mexico itself does a far more efficient, enthusiastic – and distinctly unapologetic – job of patrolling its own borders and enforcing its strict immigration laws.

Event sponsors include the ACLU and the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Atlanta Chapter. (Of course it does)

By way of an additional players guide, here is a brief rundown of just a few of the community organizers who stand to lose so much by the governor signing the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 – HB 87:

Jerry Gonzalez of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials Inc. (GALEO). Gonzalez makes his loyalty and agenda clear with a last week’s admonition on the concept of English as the official language of the United States of America: “…there is no need for “English-only” or “English” as an official language of the United States. What we will see in the 2010 Census results once they are all finally released is that the Latino community is a growing and vibrant part of this nation’s future that must be respected. These types of ‘English-only’ provisions are an insult to our culture” he wrote.

Teodoro Maus, Mexican citizen, former Atlanta Mexican Consul General and current head of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights Inc. ( “The Georgia Latino Alliance For Human Rights condems (sic) HB 87 that criminalizes immigrants”) I once watched Maus assure an audience at a local university that “most illegal immigration comes from Canada.” This character is worth seeing.

Maus’ naturalized assistant, and notable anti-enforcement Socialist, Adelina Nichols (”Stop the raids and deportations!”) will be there too. In 2003 Nichols brought in two speakers from the Socialist Workers Party – including one of the party’s leaders, Roger Calero, to advise a meeting of “Georgians for Safer Roads,” an organization founded by…Jerry Gonzalez. The goal then was Georgia driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. Or just plain “immigrants” in the shameful Newspeak of the open borders crowd.

You can see a complete list of the organizers of Thursday’s lunchtime entertainment here . A flyer for the event here .

My advice: come on down to the Capitol, snag a hot dog and a coke from Oliver at the first-floor snack-bar and eat lunch outside while witnessing a brilliant example of Georgia’s future if the pending legislation in question were to fail or be gutted in the Senate. Don’t miss the pandering speeches from the participating legislators! Bring a camera!

I’ll be the big ugly bald guy with a sticker on my back that reads “KICK ME, I AM A CITIZEN!” Ask me for one.


LUNCH TIME ANTI-ENFORCEMENT/EDUCATIONAL EVENT: Capitol Steps, Washington Street, Atlanta, Thursday, March 24, 2011- 11:00 AM to 2:00 pm – or whenever the “YES WE CAN – SI SE PUEDA” chanting dies down. Free admission.

D.A. King is president of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, and a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration. On the Web: