March 13, 2011

Inger Eberhart LTE published today

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Letter t0 the editor published in the AJC today from our own Inger Eberhart


Illegal-immigration fight in no way akin to racism

As one of the millions of black Americans who demand enforcement of our borders, immigration and employment laws, I understand that we must honor real immigrants by stopping the line jumpers. I understand that the first groups hit by the crime of illegal immigration are African-Americans and native-born Hispanics.

I understand that we are throwing our own poorest under the bus in a rush to prove how benevolent we are, by treating illegal aliens (from anywhere) as victims and heroes.

I have had more than enough of endless comparisons to Jim Crow, “racism”, Klan rallies and “hatred and anger” whenever the majority of citizens like myself speak up for enforcement and justice under the law.

The anti-enforcement hucksters should stop the race-baiting on illegal immigration. It is not fooling anyone.

Inger Eberhart, Acworth