February 25, 2011

Did the Georgia governor’s spokesman use a far left Nazi analogy to attack pro-enforcement Georgians today? SAY IT AIN’T SO GOVERNOR DEAL!


We are waiting for a disclaimer from Georgia’s governor on a wildly insulting, ridiculous and disgusting analogy to Nazi “jackboots” and “kicking in doors” in a statement from the Governor ‘s spokesman. It is contained in an Atlanta Journal Constitution news report today apparently regarding the majority of Georgians who demand enforcement of our immigration and employment laws in Georgia. Or maybe just my friend National Review blogger and Center for Immigration Studies Director Mark Krikorian…or maybe just you.

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From the AJC today – thanks to Brenda for sending me the AJC article while she shopped for fresh cod…

Governor in tight political spot on illegal immigration

“…The governor is going to take a tough stand” against illegal immigration, Robinson said. “We understand that some folks are not going to be happy unless he is in jackboots kicking in doors. We don’t think that is the proper role for him to play in this.”

Tom Hensley applauded how Deal has expressed caution about the pending state legislation and E-Verify. Hensley is the president of Fieldale Farms, a northeast Georgia-based chicken processing business that uses E-Verify and has $650 million in annual sales.

Hensley said some of the immigration-related laws already on the books in Georgia have been scaring away the Hispanic workers his business once relied on. Since 2004, the number of his workers who are Hispanic has dropped substantially while his workers’ compensation and health care costs have grown, he said…”

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Rest assured, the anti-enforcement lefties at the AJC headquarters, the SPLC and the ACLU are having a large time over this one. Not to mention the Farm Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce where illegal labor is job one.

As a pro-enforcement American, I have to ask: Which side is Brian Robinson on…and which side is the governor on today? While Barack Obama is pushing use of the no-cost E-Verify system from the White House, Georgia’s governor is falsely casting doubts about its worth while coming out of a Farm Bureau meeting here in Georgia.

As much as conservative voters and supporters of Nathan Deal have tried to ignore it, the governor seems to be backing up on his campaign promises on being active in solving Georgia’s illegal immigration and illegal employment crisis. While Georgians stand in the unemployment line.

You can read those promises HERE.

The spokesman for Governor Nathan Deal has made a statement in which he uses an analogy commonly used by the far left anti-enforcement crazies like the SPLC, La Raza and the ACLU – and angry Jerry Gonzlaez over at “we want them to vote early and often…” GALEO Inc.

From here at DIS, we are asking: Does Governor Deal regard the majority of Georgians who want to protect jobs for Georgians by driving illegal aliens out of our state as jack-booted door kickers? Does his office condone the name-calling rhetoric of the far left?

You can ask yourself today, over the weekend and Monday by calling the governor’s office at 404 656 1776. I already did.