August 20, 2010

VIDEO Commissioner Vance Smith & GDOT Didn’t Know About The Illegal Immigrant Labor Law…and still don’t – CBS 46 Atlanta TV News

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Image, Georgia Department of Transportation



Jeff Chirico

GDOT Didn’t Know About The Illegal Immigrant Labor Law

ATLANTA — GDOT spokesman David Spear admitted that his agency didn’t know it was violating a law that cracks down on hiring illegal immigrants until a CBS Atlanta report.

Spear said the Georgia Department of Transportation “missed the law.” He thanked CBS Atlanta for bringing it to his attention and confirmed that the agency is working to fix what he calls an oversight.

On Wednesday, illegal immigration activist D.A. King told CBS Atlanta that the Georgia Department of Transportation violated state law that requires government contractors verify employees’ legal working status.

King said the affidavit GDOT uses to comply with the law doesn’t require all the information mandated by House Bill 2 passed in 2009. The legislation clarifies wording in Georgia’s Security and Immigration Compliance Act signed in 2006.

The allegations come on the heels of a CBS Atlanta investigation that questioned whether a GDOT contractor hired an illegal worker.

An affidavit obtained from GDOT shows the agency didn’t require a contractor to provide a registration number and date for the federal government’s employment verification database known as E-Verify.

GDOT spokesman David Spear said in an email that apparently GDOT used the wrong affidavit. He said he isn’t sure if it was an isolated incident.

King said he believes the violation could make it easier for GDOT contractors to get away with hiring illegal immigrants.