July 30, 2010

DIS board member Inger Eberhart in Fox Five Atlanta studio debating comical anti-enforcement amnesty advocate VIDEO

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In this Fox Five Atlanta news segment, (text HERE) Dustin Inman Society board member Inger Eberhart tells the truth to another anti-enforcment, amnesty-again supporter.

Action needed: Please watch the short news video and take a moment to contact the TV station to tell them how much you enjoyed seeing Inger speak on the crime of illegal immigration…HERE.

Inger did a wonderful job and we are all very proud of her. Inger Eberhart, YOU ROCK! GREAT JOB!

H2A agriculture worker visas HERE

Amnesty supporter Fuster comically asked for an example of illegal aliens taking American jobs…off the top of my head here and here are just two.