July 10, 2010

MORE ILLEGAL LABOR AT COBB COURTHOUSE! We get mail from John Ciancia, Jobs for Georgians

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Mr King,

The construction industry has always been a staple for the American citizen for whom did not make it to college and did not want go into the military. Going into a apprenticeship after high school was always an option years back and it was a great job for young adults just starting out with good benefits and a safe work environment. Over the last 10-15 years the state of Georgia has taken a turn that is unimaginable.

It has gotten so bad that if you were not a Latino you had no chance of getting hired. The Latino community has kept a lot of non-latinos out. Let’s take the masonry trade as a example.

Masonry company’s in the state of Georgia will not even let you fill out a application at there office you have to go to the job site to what they call get “sized up” to see who you know and if you were Latino. You see a company can’t discriminate that’s a “Unfair Labor Practice”, the foreman on the job hires you then if your the right race 97% of the time then you go back to the office and fill out the paperwork and start work. Case in point the Cobb county court house Zebra construction is the Masonry sub for Turner construction. Zebra last year had $30 million in masonry but only shows 40 or so employees counting there office staff. They hire one or two Latinos with good social security numbers, Zebra pays them and they turn around and pay there mason’s in cash.

At the end of the year those two guys go out and get new social security numbers and the cycle continues all over again. No taxes paid,no social security paid,no Workman’s comp,no nothing the state loses the county loses,and the tax payers lose. Most of the people that paid that s.p.l.o.s.t tax in that community that could be working on that project are shut out.

It is well known all over the state that this goes on, it forces good companies to compete and do this same thing. Fake documentation is so big in Georgia that it is widely overlooked and 97% of General contractors and Masonry contractors are all guilty of this. We have proof of this. I can get contractors to testify and workers also.

State school work is were the biggest violations are all over the state, these contractors don’t know any other way. Because we exposed Zebra construction at the Cobb courthouse Zebra was forced to become a true contractor hiring and running the work, they are so behind on that project because they rely that much on illegal help. We exposed the Atlanta airport with M&D masonry same thing went in there looking for a job the first question they ask if you have legal papers if you do you were not getting hired.

This way they can pay what they want and work you overtime without paying it!There is no labor laws to follow you cant complain because they know you are illegal and they will lay you off.

Here is some more of the coverage…………… http://www.wsbtv.com/video/23310999/?taf=atl VIDEO

John Ciancia
Jobs for Georgians

A note from D.A.- More video from earlier this year can be found HERE

Scroll down and look for:

Black market labor! – More on the Cobb County Courthouse Caper

America is hurtin’! – Contractors working on the Cobb County Courthouse use black-market labor – illegal aliens – in Marietta,Georgia USA. Illegal aliens were hired as bricklayers, keeping Americans from working on the construction site.

Cobb County Courthouse contractors are using black market labor – February 10, 2010. Using illegal alien scab labor forces American workers out of their jobs in this tight economy. Contractors claim to be using the E-Verify program, but undercover workers claim illegal aliens are hired as subcontractors and are paid cash.