May 20, 2010

Media Statement from D.A. King and the Dustin Inman Society regarding the latest attacks on Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren from Rich Pellegrino and info on a mock-up of a Mexican matricula consular ID card, an educational tool

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see below for Pellegrino’s media release

Media Statement from D.A. King and the Dustin Inman Society regarding the latest attacks on Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren from Rich Pellegrino et al.

21 May 2010

Today’s race-baiting attacks on Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren are despicable, but unsurprising.

Not wanting to be rude and use the term “useful idiot”, in Cobb County, it has long been the habit of most people paying attention to refer with a grinning, polite wink to the usually entertaining Rich Pellegrino as our “village thinker.”

Rich’s latest smears and mindless attacks on our much loved and respected Sheriff have likely erased the amusement and last vestiges of goodwill with which genuine Cobb County thinkers regard this desperate character.

While he constantly bleats about being somehow morally superior to the Americans who want secure borders and immigration law enforcement, Rich’s long held anti-enforcement agenda has steadily devolved into rabid race-baiting and frantic associations with such radical separatist groups as GALEO and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam as well as appearances with American leftist terrorists such as William Ayers .

By being the first sheriff in Georgia to taking advantage of the 1996 287(g) tool, signed into law by former president Bill Clinton, Sheriff Neil Warren has demonstrated his sense of duty, his respect for his oath of office and the courage that the majority of Americans in Cobb County and Georgia admire so much.

It is still America here, thanks to the leadership of Sheriff Neil Warren.

A large part of the reason Warren is respected here is his attention to duty. Rich Pellegrino filed a frivolous complaint against me in August 2008 which was investigated in depth, presented to the Cobb solicitor and dismissed. We support Sheriff Warren because he is an honorable man and when it comes to the law he is charged with enforcing, he is well known for his commitment to its equal application. Look up “Great American”, you will not find a photo of Rich Pellegrino or his attention starved associates, but you may see Neil Warren.

Sheriff Warren is an honorable man, a brilliant example of dutiful public servant and an asset to the well-being of Cobb County.

We note that Rich Pellegrino and his fellow travelers could learn much about honor and integrity from Neil Warren.

We are gleeful and grateful to Rich for so efficiently exposing his true self and educating the general public on what many of us have known for some time.

For information on the Mexican matricula consular ID, the ID in question of which I had a mock-up, see HERE and HERE
Media Advisory: Press Conference, Thursday, May 20th, 2pm, Marietta Square

Submitted by the Cobb United for Change Coalition: Press Contacts: Rich Pellegrino, 404-573-1199, ; Stan -Joseph Jennings, Author, 770-222-9291

Cobb Sheriff Enforces Laws Selectively Based on Race, Vulnerability and Political Expediency

May 19, 2010

Marietta-GA. In a statement to the press regarding the justification for his arrest of college student Jessica Colotl, Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren stated “Georgia law establishes legal criteria for every potential offender, from traffic violations through capital felony murder. … I follow the Georgia Code and enforce those statutes. That is my oath of office and duty to the citizens of Cobb County.” The Cobb United for Change Coalition, composed of many and diverse Cobb based organizations and supporting organizations from around the state and country (CIA, NOI, NOHRO, SCLC, NAN, GLAHR, GALEO, SPLC, etc.) begs to differ and stated: “Sheriff Warren only follows the Georgia Code and enforces those statutes when it is politically expedient to do so, as in the case of college student Jessica Colotl, and looks the other way when the offender is one of his supporters or friends, as in the case of anti-immigrant activist D.A. King, State Representative Matt Dollar, and State Senator John Wiles ( documented proof of these allegations will be presented and distributed at the press conference). This is nothing but bullying with a badge, political pandering in the guise of “the rule of law”, an egregious violation of his oath of office, corrupt and unethical behavior of an elected official, and grounds for his removal from office,” states Richard Pellegrino, a spokesperson for the Coalition and Director of the Cobb Immigrant Alliance. “We will call for the Cobb County Commissioners, the Governor, and the U.S, Department of Justice to launch investigations into these actions of Sheriff Warren and his failure to apply the law equally and fairly in Cobb County.”

The Cobb Coalition, according to spokespersons Charles Muhammad, of the Nation of Islam, Rev. Dwight Graves, of the SCLC, and Gerald Rose, of New Order, will be planning and implementing direct actions and events in response to the continued racial profiling of immigrants and minorities in Cobb by the Sheriff and other law enforcement agencies—including a community/town hall forum at or near Kennesaw State University to educate the public regarding the facts surrounding the case of Jessica Colotl and other undocumented students and immigrants residing in Georgia and the abuses of the 287-G agreement the Sheriff is abusing, a solidarity march and rally uniting all of the diverse elements of Cobb County to say enough is enough, a meeting with Cobb Police Chiefs to solicit their cooperation in abandoning the Sheriff’s political pandering and racial profiling under 287-G, and are also considering several civil disobedience actions, if necessary, if this racial profiling and witch hunts are not halted immediately.

“We are going to send this message loud and clear to the Cobb Sheriff and all law enforcement agencies and elected officials—we will not tolerate racial profiling, political prosecutions and witch hunts, unequal applications of the law in Cobb County, which clearly the case of this college student represents, as well as many other cases involving people of color. Nor will we allow Georgia to copy Arizona’s apartheid and police state mentality.”