March 29, 2010

RACE-BAITING ALERT – Inside the demented mind of Cobb’s Village Thinker – Rich Pellegrino

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( Note from D.A. – Rich has a reputation of not playing with a full deck. He also regularly reveals delusions of grandeur… and sanity. Try to be nice to Rich. He is a former illegal drug dealer who apparently tried far too many of his own products)

Received from Rich Pellegrino in an 4:24 AM email – he is asking me to forward his rant to Georgia Senators Chip Rogers and John Wiles. Rich is a race-baiting useful idiot who is the puppet of Jerry Gonzalez, who is a puppet of Sam Zamarripa ( pack a lunch before you begin, Rich loves to hear and read himself): ADVICE! NEVER GET BETWEEN RICH AND A TV CAMERA!

You can see Rich on TV HERE

Thank you for forwarding this, D.A., as I was going to send it directly to both Wiles and Rogers myself (since I don’t believe in backbiting). Can you please forward it to Rogers’ private e-mail address as well and save me the hassle of searching for it. Rich Pellegrino
And please add the following:

Enough is enough. You should know by now that enforcement doesn’t work as Georgia’s undocumented immigrant population has increased since your draconian laws and 287-G agreements have been implemented. Your mean-spirited antics targeting our good neighbors–hard working immigrants and their families who have built this state and country with their blood sweat and tears, just like your and my ancestors did in the past, and are doing no wrong– are over. You have crossed the line with this foolish “bounty” bill. You can pass all the new Jim Crow laws targeting them you want–but they will not be enforced. We have had it and will not tolerate any more random enforcement in Cobb or anywhere else. We will give this same message to the Governor if it passes the House and he dares to sign into law such racist and meaningless nonsense, and will call him out as the modern day George Wallace. We are giving this same message to the President and DHS (which we did 200,000 strong last weekend, which is just a drop in the bucket of the force we will mobilize if necessary). While we are working in Washington to end it at the Federal level either through immigration reform legislation or executive order, if Georgia tries to implement any more enforcement measures I am giving notice right here and now, we will do whatever it takes–non-violently– to stop you, just as we did in the 60’s (yes, I was there and risked my life to get rid of Jim Crow once before so this is relatively nothing and kid’s play). We have been in touch with and are receiving support from African American and other civil rights leaders here and nationwide, and are being trained and prepared to mobilize and resurrect Dr. King’s and Cesar Chavez’s civil disobedience movement on a scale not witnessed in history, and will use your backyard–Cobb County–as ground zero and as the “Birmingham,Selma and Montgomery” of this day. You are fore-warned.

On the other hand, and just to show that I and we are reasonable– if you want to be reasonable– if you really want to help your constituents with jobs, healthcare, and education, and are willing to consider stopping the targeting and blaming of immigrants, I am prepared to help marshal our considerable resources–both human and capital– which we have amassed to fight the above cause, and instead help provide you with assistance for your districts–especially for those who have or feel that they have been displaced or negatively impacted by the growth of the immigrant population here. We are doing this in other districts in GA and nationally with success. In fact, I have offered this before, both publicly through the media and events, and to the Cherokee County commission when it was considering anti-immigrant ordinances, and they took it under consideration before voting (and interestingly, withdrew their proposed ordinances). We will work with you and assist displaced workers until they find adequate replacement jobs (we have been doing job placement and recruitment workshops periodically), we will open up additional free healthcare clinics (have already helped open two in Cobb), and will provide volunteer support and funding for educational and housing issues. When I say “we”, I mean I am part of a coalition of businesses* (as a small business owner), a coalition of non-profits (as a board member of several), and a coalition of advocacy groups (as a director and board member of several). And these coalitions would all rather work together with you to solve the community’s problems rather than fighting draconian laws and those who promote them–which would be a much better use of all of our time and resources. So it is your choice–and if you choose this high road I will certainly apologize for any harsh rhetoric directed at you and will admit I was wrong about you and your motives (and may even support your re-election campaigns)—but if you are not willing to consider this offer then what other motive could you possibly have? (And please don’t insult my intelligence and give me the crap about “the rule of law”,”national security”, etc. , unless you really want to privately or publicly debate those reasons on their merits–which I will be happy to do anytime as they are so full of holes they make swiss cheese look solid.)
The ball is in your court….the carrot or the stick?

P.S. The same offer goes to you, D.A.–we will be happy to aid your constituents in the same ways if you and they will back off from blaming others–in this case, immigrants–for their predicaments; you can still work against the open border and North American union advocates. And Wiles and Rogers, feel free to write or contact me privately if you wish.

*Good article on immigration reform from the perspective of the business community…Fw: Tamar Jacoby: New heartland voices on immigration | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Opinion: Viewpoints


Rich Pellegrino

Rich Pellegrino in the AJC blogs on passage of SB 385 in the Georgia Senate

March 24th, 2010
6:18 pm

This is just political grandstanding on the backs of the most vulnerable. These same politicians did it on the backs of blacks–now it is “browns” who built their homes, took care of their kids and picked their food. If it does become law it will never be implemented or enforced. And if they try to enforce it: listen closely and read my lips–we will shut them down just like we shut down Bull Conner,
George Wallace and those before them. Believe me, if Wiles and Rogers and their ilk could, they would be wearing white hoods and night riding. It is easy to see their stripes….

Rich Pellegrino

March 24th, 2010
6:27 pm

Tell it like it is: please study the history of your country–”like it’s always been done”–who came here “legally”–the Irish (no, smuggled in for cheap labor), the Italians (no, changed their names and came in with false papers through Canada), the British (robbed, lied, cheated and killed their way in, then made treaties which they illegally broke), the blacks (brought in against their wills and against every moral and statutory law by the same people calling others illegals in the south today). How did the Mexicans get here by the millions–you and I invited them(that’s right–the government and every capitalist corporation in America–invited them for cheap labor). So don’t try and whitewash your guilt by some pollyanna view of history. They are no more “illegal” than you or I or the thousands who drive illegally over the speed limit on 285 every day in Atlanta. Let’s take the mote out of our own eyes and then we can see a little more clearly.