August 31, 2009

MDJonline readers sound off on illegals

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MDJonline readers sound off on illegal immigrants
August 28, 2009
EDITOR’S NOTE: Below is a selection of responses shared by readers of in reaction to recent MDJ stories …

Inger Eberhart letter (in response to Mark Webb letter): Illegals’ advocate trying to demonize his opponents

Mary J Marietta wrote – Ms. Eberhart should be very grateful to letter writer Mark Webb for the remarks he makes (on about her letter. He proves her point as well as she made it. Game over. Eberhart 100 – Webb zero. He would be funny if he weren’t so sad and dangerous.

Old Vet wrote – Mr. Webb should know that not only Cherokee and Cobb are obeying the state law SB 529 by trying to stop rewarding illegals with a business license. Also Gwinnett, Hall, Acworth, Marietta, Smyrna. I wonder: Which laws does Webb approve of and would allow us to support with out being called names? …MORE HERE