June 26, 2009

John Litland letter to the editor yesterday Atlanta Journal Constitution: IMMIGRATION – Don’t use kids as shield

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John Litland letter to the editor AJC, Thursday, June 25, 2009


Don’t use kids as shield

After reading D.A. King’s column stating we do not grant birthright citizenship to children of foreign diplomats, I called my congressman to verify (“Should U.S. deny citizenship to children of illegal immigrants?” Opinion, June 17). King is right — we don’t.

I expect the folks who defend illegal aliens are less than thrilled about this becoming widely known. The fact that we allow people illegally into our country and reward them by making citizens of their children is not only madness, it is not the intention of the 14th Amendment. In the interest of keeping families together, illegals should consider the consequences to their own children when they violate American laws. Using children as a shield to elude American justice was not the reasoning behind the amendment, and I am outraged that it is being used as such.

John Litland, Marietta