June 20, 2009

Ernest Wade on Jerry Gonzalez in a letter to the editor Gwinnett Daily Post: ” The unmistakable primary goal of Jerry Gonzalez is to deceive us citizens into accepting illegal immigration”

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Gwinnett Daily Post
Letter to the editor

Saturday, June 20, 2009 HERE

Letter: There is a difference between legal and illegal immigrants

Never have I seen such a deceitful letter than that by Jerry Gonzalez in which he lambasted Chairman Bannister’s economic China-Korea economic development trip.

In his usual underhanded fashion, Gonzalez tries to deceive us into thinking that Chairman Bannister and the rest of the Gwinnett County Commission are against all immigrants because of the meager recent efforts to identify certain illegal aliens in our county. Gonzalez claims that our county must take “a more positive approach toward welcoming diversity” and he further claims that “Gwinnett County is not a welcoming place for immigrants.” How absurd.

All one has to do is to look around and see diversity and the welcoming attitude toward immigrants of all races and all nationalities. Most of us have the quaint attitude that immigrants should not come illegally and if they do, should be removed.

The unmistakable primary goal of Jerry Gonzalez is to deceive us citizens into accepting illegal immigration as no different from legal immigration. Gonzalez lusts to gut our immigration laws, grant amnesty to all illegal aliens and grant legal status to all those who want to come here in the future. In short, he would make our national sovereignty and the rights of American citizenship null and void.

Beware of people like Jerry Gonzalez who demand that we not differentiate between immigrants who have followed the rules and immigrated legally and those who have broken multiple laws by coming here without our permission. Gonzalez routinely viciously attacks anyone such as Chairman Bannister in an attempt to browbeat into silence anyone who opposes his goal of complete amnesty for all illegal aliens.

His recent vicious and arrogant letters prove my point. He is attempting to use political correctness to force us to kneel in submission. I really don’t think we need or want to let Jerry Gonzalez dictate our immigration policies to us.

Jerry Gonzalez owes us, and Chairman Bannister in particular, an apology for his deceitfulness and grossly inaccurate accusations.

– Ernest Wade