May 6, 2009

D.A. King – Help needed in Georgia – educating local TV station on illegal immigration, amnesty, the meaning of the word “immigrant” and race-baiting MALDEF employees with no argument

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A short request for a little help in Georgia in enlightening a local TV station news director on the crime of illegal immigration and the cure: law enforcement.

Here in Georgia, we are very proud of the fact that we have been successful in getting the federal 287 (g) program implemented in three county jails, with another metro Atlanta county about to begin the program and at least three more in the application process.

We are proving the obvious: Enforcement works.

Illegal aliens are migrating out of the counties where the law is being enforced. The America hating illegal alien/open borders lobby is having an absolute cow over our success and the race-baiting smear attacks began a long time ago.

A few of the far left crazies staged a sparsely attended rally last Saturday in conjunction with the May Day rallies across the nation to protest American sheriffs in Georgia using 287 (g) and the enforcement of immigration laws in general. Nothing new, I realize.

Teodoro Maus, a Mexican citizen and former Mexican Consul General here was the rally organizer. The ACLU has organized an entire sub-ministry of opposition to our 287 (g) success called “Georgia Detention Watch”. Info HERE if you are interested.

This is where we are asking for a little help: A local TV station, CBS NEWS ATLANTA – TV 46 sent out a reporter to cover the Saturday illegal alien rally – he did a veritable infomercial for the illegals and never came within 100 feet of the Americans who took time out of their Saturday to show opposition to the illegals and Maus Inc.

Yes – most of the illegals protest signs were in Spanish.

Using the proven theory of constant pressure, we sent some polite e-mail to the TV station manager complaining about the ridiculously unbalanced and incomplete two minute news hit on the poor victimized illegal aliens (“immigrants!”) who now must deal with actual law enforcement.

After what they describe as “ being flooded with email” two days later ( yesterday, Teusday, May 5) the same TV station sends a reporter to my house to “balance the first news piece”…you can see that two minute news report HERE. THEN: Click on “Immigration rally stikes nerve” box to watch – 2 minutes.

I am curious to see just how many comments to the TV station news editor we can get.

If you have a few extra minutes to help these TV people understand the opinion of the majority of America and the concept of words having meaning and what real immigrants are – NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE, please send a short, polite e-mail note with your thoughts on the last news piece?

(Video of the ((inaccurate)) “infomercial” report HERE if you want to see really really awful reporting…not that it is rare these days. But this one is one for the books. THIS IS NOT THE REPORT WE NEED COMMENT ON).

See if you can outline for them if it is the big bald ugly guy (no laughing) or the MALDEF spokes hole that has a rational argument and who is the mindless race-baiter. Let the TV news editor know to what conclusion you come? I get the feeling the latest reporter – Harry Samler – is trying to learn the issue and be fair and balanced…it is not him that is the problem…honest.

Sending a comment will certainly help with media awarness here and I will let you all know the outcome…PLEASE keep it civil and polite, we want to be better than the crazies.

E address for CBS NEWS ATLANTA Tv 46; News(at) of course, please change my “at” to @.

Also on end of video

Thanks if you can help.