April 16, 2009

A note from Tom Tancredo

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Dear Friend,

The open borders left once again proved just how “tolerant” they are yesterday when they rioted and shut down a speech I tried to give at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Riley Matheson, a former intern at Team America, and his group Youth for Western Civilization asked me to speak on the issue of in state tuition for illegal aliens. And the so called purveyors of tolerance and diversity showed just how open minded they are when it comes to diversity of opinions.

Hundreds of protesters yelled obscenities, tried to put a banner saying “No One is Illegal” in front of me. They even broke a window. The police used mace and threatened to use tasers, but no protesters were arrested or disciplined. There is no freedom of speech on hundreds of university campuses today for people who dare to dissent from the radical political agenda of the socialist left and the open borders agitators.

Bay and I are not deterred by these radicals and we’re both going to be speaking on more campuses this week. We are also helping bring my friend Virgil Goode to UNC next week to make sure our message gets heard, and I plan to go back there again.

There’s video of the riot and links to news stories at the Team America website for more information.

We know we’re making a difference when we get the open borders crazies this upset.

Keep up the fight.

Your friend,

Tom (Tancredo)