April 10, 2009


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It is with nearly indescribable glee that we report from Georgia that the Atlanta Regional office of the far left, open borders/illegal alien advocacy group, -the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) is closing its office after seven years and leaving town.

Let me type that one again: MALDEF is migrating out of Atlanta and Georgia. They are leaving the Southeast. MALDEF release HERE

Today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution report:

Mexican American defense fund closing Atlanta offfice

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Atlanta office of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund will close this month after seven years, because of budget cuts, an agency lawyer said.
Elise Shore, Southeast regional counsel for MALDEF, will relocate to Washington, D.C., and continue to advocate on behalf of immigrants in the Southeast, she said. Four staffers will lose their jobs.
MALDEF’s Parent School Partnership program will continue to teach parents how to work with school officials to optimize their children’s education, Shore said.


Founded by the Ford Foundation, MALDEF represents one of the most well funded and aggressive proponents of illegal immigration and bilingualism in the U.S.A.

A quick look on the MALDEF Website reveals (added 6:45 PM: OOPS, looks like they are now keeping that info to themselves – older info on donors HERE) that it is mainly corporate America who funds these subversives. Maybe the near constant supply of taxpayer subsidized illegally-imported black-market labor that MALDEF enables and defends in the name of “civil rights” has something to do with the ongoing donations.

Good riddance.

Having been fighting for the rights of Americans to enjoy secure borders and an equal application of the law in our own country and spent considerable time lobbying in the Georgia Capitol for passage of state legislation that would advance cause of compliance with federal immigration and employment law, this notable and welcome retreat by the MALDEF mob comes as particularly satisfying news to this long time American.

In a word: YIPPEE!

Since 2004, I cannot recall any bill dealing with illegal immigration in the Georgia legislature that was not met with shrill and steadfast resistance in each stop on the legislative committee process. MALDEF lost here nearly every time time.

In 2006, Georgia passed into law the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act (SB 529), which is a comprehensive effort to force aliens, employers and local governments in our state to obey federal law.

As several Americans and two ICE agents waited to testify on the bill in a state Senate committee hearing, the visibly shaken and frustrated MALDEF Regional Consul at the time – we have been through two or three – Tisha Tallman screeched into a microphone as a witness that SB 529 was “a scheme!”.

MALDEF not only lobbied furiously against its passage but promised legal action to prevent its implementation. Three years later, there has been no lawsuit.

Since then there have been numerous state laws passed here aimed at deterring the crime of illegal immigration. Each of them met with continuous lobbying against passage in every of the numerous committee stops along the way.

Most recently, in the state legislative session just ended, MALDEF unsuccessfully opposed several major bills aimed at insulating Georgians from the ravages of illegal immigration. They brought in a full time lobbyist (adios Peter Isbister!) who worked in addition to the Regional Consul ( bye-bye Elise Shore!) and several other staffers literally all day and sometimes until late at night in the Capitol struggling to convince Georgia legislators to vote no on bills which they (correctly) deemed detrimental to their agenda.

They spent a lot of money and effort to defeat their enemy: The rule of law.

For five years, this writer has been in nearly every committee hearing dealing with anti-illegal immigration bills in the Georgia Capitol and note that as often as not, MALDEF was joined by smug lobbyists from the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) in opposition to the bills being heard.

On another personal note, the news of MALDEFs welcome departure from Georgia comes with no small amount of satisfaction.

In an effort to educate the public, the media and elected officials in the Georgia General Assembly on the evils of these creatures, and with the help from many hard working Americans, we at the Dustin Inman Society have conducted several protest rallies at MALDEF fund raisers both here in Atlanta and in Washington D.C.

Each effort to expose and defeat these shameless well funded pack of leftist lawyers was a great pleasure.

We are proud of any part we may have played into MALDEF’s retreat from Georgia and celebrate with a trip down memory lane by posting photos of some of the rallies we conducted in MALDEFs (dis) honor.

2004 rally against MALDEF at their 2004 fundraiser in Atlanta 2004 HERE

This was our first, and the MALDEF fundraising event was Chaired by the Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper. With news of our rally in front of the high-end hotel in which the MALDEF party was being held, the start time of black tie dinner was changed and the arriving crowd decided to park and enter in the rear of the Hotel.

While CNN covered our rally, for whatever reason, the AJC did not. That newspaper has not Chaired a MALDEF funder since. I know, I call them and ask each year.

The MALDEF fundraiser dinner protest in the same year in Washington D.C. HERE (Thank you Peter Gadiel!)

The 2005 Dustin Inman Society rally in protest of the MALDEF funder in Atlanta HERE.

The Dustin Inman Society counts MALDEF as being just one of the “right enemies” to have.

MALDEF remains a dangerous and relentless enemy of the American people and national security and will continue to oppose any effort to control immigration into the United States…but just for today: Here in Georgia, we are doing the HAPPY DANCE!