March 30, 2009

GMA The Georgia Municipal Association fights legislation aimed at enforcement of U.S. immigration laws

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Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) still opposed to HB 2 and SB 20

I just came from the Georgia Capitol


Note: Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) not only is actively lobbying against the passage of HB 2 in the Capitol as you read this, but that very powerful non-profit organization has also joined forces with the ACLU and MALDEF and GALEO to oppose SB 20. Authored by Senator Chip Pearson, SB 20 would make it illegal under state law for a Georgia city or any local government to violate existing federal law in adapting a sanctuary policy for illegal aliens. SEE HERE

Give them a call if you want and ask why they are fighting so hard to stop enforcement of our immigration laws. GMA legislative policy is run by a man named Lamar Norton.

Sanctuary policies cost lives.

From GMA Website:

Immigration Verification Statutes: Grantees to Submit Written Compliance
House Bill 2, Rep. Tom Rice (R-Norcross)
GMA Position: Oppose
Contact: Ted Baggett,, (678) 686-6210
Status: Pending in the Senate Rules Committee.

HB 2 would require that recipients of LARP funds specify to DOT in writing their compliance with e-Verify and SAVE programs provisions. These programs require verification of legal status of employees and public benefit recipients respectively.

Immigration Verification Mandates: Loss of Funding
Senate Bill 20, Sen. Chip Pearson (R-Dawsonville)
GMA Position: Oppose
Contact: Lamar Norton,, (678) 686-6273
Status: Pending in the House Rules Committee.

SB 20 would allow the withholding of all state and state administered federal funds from cities if cities adopt policies that “prohibit or restrict local officials from communicating or cooperating with federal officials or law enforcement officers” in regards to immigration issues. No cities in Georgia are currently enacting sanctuary policies.

ADD GMA to the long list of members of the illegal alien/open borders lobby