December 24, 2008

Socialized health care for illegal aliens…and the world

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For anyone who doesn’t get it, these Communists are saying that we should add more than 20 million illegal aliens to our health care system because they are “Latino” – and that anyone who can make it into what remains of our nation can access that taxpayer funded care.

In any langauge they demand

“We, as organizations that represent diverse Latinos from across the nation, must ensure that any healthcare reform proposal seriously being considered must take into the account the hard realities that Latino families face every day and ensure that proposals guarantee access to an inclusive health care system that provides comprehensive quality care and address health disparities. To this end, we articulate a common set of principles that we believe are central to any health reform agenda. They are:

An Inclusive Health Care System
– Guarantees accessible healthcare for all people residing in the USA and territories.
– Ensures real world affordability that takes into account the economic realities of our community and that does not ration or segregate healthcare coverage or services based on income.

Comprehensive Quality Care:
– Requires a package of comprehensive care available to everyone that is not dependent on health status, income, or ability to pay that includes preventive services, and treatment and long-term supportive services for serious and chronic conditions.
– Encompasses a clear strategy for developing the quality workforce required to provide high quality care and ensuring it’s adequately distributed, especially in underserved communities.

Addressing Health Disparities:
– Demands a financial commitment to directly address pervasive health disparities with targeted prevention and treatment programs.
Includes concrete plan for ensuring the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate care…”

SIGNATORIES : (Partial List) Latinos for National Health Insurance

League of United Latin American Citizens
National Council of La Raza
Mexican American Legal Defense & Education Fund
Service Employee International Union
National Hispanic Council on Aging
National Puerto Rican Coalition
National Hispanic Medical Association
National Latina Health Network
District Council 37/ AFSCME, New York
Universal Health Care Foundation Connecticut
National Minority AIDS Council
Alianza Dominicana
Center for the Health of Urban Minorities, New York
Midwest Latino Health Research Center, Chicago
Raul Yzaguirre, Executive Director
Center for Community Development and Civil Rights, Phoenix

Media Contact:
Dr. Jaime R. Torres

HERE. ( From Comrade Sam Zamarripa’s Website run by Gerardo Gonzalez)