December 13, 2008

Thank you Roy Beck and the great people at – I missed this story from the NYTimes: Mexico deporting American illegal aliens! Hey, is this racist, xenophobic and extreme?

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Mexico Enforcing Immigration Laws
Friday, December 12, 2008

A New York Times story reports that Mexico has deported 350 Americans back to the United States during the first nine months of 2008. The number represents one percent of all deportees in the country.

The National Migration Institute, which is Mexico’s immigration service, reports that the Americans were deported because they were charged with crimes in Mexico and served time and prison or they were travelers who were found without paperwork.

The New York Times story goes through the process of an American who was deported earlier this year. He was sent to a prison for a week while the American Consulate prepared travel documents for him. He was then flown from Acapulco, which is where he was detained, to Tijuana where he was then driven to the U.S. border in a government van.

Mexico has deported nearly 29,000 immigrants this year. Most deportees come from Central America.

The New York Times has more on this story. Link to NumbersUSA blog HERE