November 24, 2008

On race baiting and Rich Pellegrino: Bruce Clements/Letter to the Editor Marietta Daily Journal praising Inger Eberhart

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Marietta Daily Journal

Bruce Clements: Tired of immigration advocate’s ‘racist diatribes’

Published: 11/17/2008

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Inger Eberhart letter, “Amused by amnesty advocate’s race-baiting,” Thursday’s MDJ

Ms. Eberhart sure pegged immigration advocate Rich Pellegrino when she stated he seems to think “the only answer is totally open borders.”

I, too, resent his narrowly reasoned and frankly, racist diatribes. I am a white male, 61 years old, Marietta High Class of 1965, born in Charleston, S.C., lived in metro Atlanta for 60 years. Yet, before I reached high school I knew the wrongness of racism. By the time I graduated high school I was a vocal advocate of integration and full equality for black Americans.

Over the years I continuously supported left-wing politics. I demonstrated against the war, participated in a “rights” march, worked for the Carter campaign, was dismayed by Reagan’s election, etc.

Not until I reached a position of some little authority in the business world did I begin to recognize the dishonesty and foolishness of the left. I learned that my beliefs and integrity mattered not at all, even to people who knew me well. If I didn’t agree, then I was a racist, liar, etc.

Pellegrino’s latest reveals his prejudice by his neatly worded statements about “… it explodes in our faces” and “… our gated communities in east Cobb. ” Not to mention his misdirection about crime rates. At least he honestly states what Obama is going to do vis-a-vis the Mexican immigration problem.

My subdivision, in 30066 – the middle of east Cobb – consists of homes valued in the lower $100,000 range, resided in by retired people, young families, singles, whites, blacks (both American and African), Hispanics, south Asians, etc. No gates anywhere to be found. Imagine that!

Pellegrino’s prejudice prompts him to be the first to disparage our persons, then ignore and never address any reasoned position. Simply put, he argues that we are all racist liars out to take advantage of anyone that is different from us.

Mr. Pellegrino needs to know that I and many others, even in the South, got over it 40 years ago. He is the worst kind of dishonest, political antagonist. I deeply resent his prejudiced views. My recommendation is that you find someone else’s letters to run in the MDJ. He’s had his turn. Plenty of times.

Bruce Clements

East Cobb