October 28, 2008

On Charles Bannister and amnesty in Gwinnett: Letter to the editor from Judy Craft in the Gwinnett Daily Post today

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Gwinnett Daily Post

Letter to the editor: Have to watch government on immigration

Thanks to the Daily Post for presenting editorials on the same subject from opposing views. I am referring to the Oct. 24 editorial “Immigration law vs. politics” by D.A. King and a re-run press release by Commission Chairman Charles Bannister titled “Gwinnett leads the fight against illegal immigration.”

By its very title, Chairman Bannister’s press release was suspect. No one who is informed could say that Gwinnett leads the fight against illegal immigration. Cobb and Cherokee counties have done far more. In the first place, it took Gwinnett more than a year to appear to comply with the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act.

Chairman Bannister talked tough before the primary election when every commission candidate was trying to outdo his opponent on cracking down on illegal immigration.

King explained in simple language that the latest county policy on administering “public benefits,” including commercial licenses to noncitizens, renders the state law to be practically ineffective.

Chairman Bannister has not upheld the intent of the law. Does anyone hear the other board members speaking up? It is obvious that citizen vigilance is required.


– Judy Craft