June 2, 2008

One of Cobb County’s village idiots comments in the MDJ blog for my column last week

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I had to share this.

We hope re-entry is not too rough for Rich.

Rich Pellegrino says –
Change is not only coming but it is here. Cobb County is on alert. There is now a People’s Coalition which will see that no longer will the politics and rhetoric of hate and division be tolerated in Cobb County, and no longer will racism and prejudice against anyone be tolerated here,including against the undocumented immigrants whom you, I and everyone reading this invited here and benefited from, just as we benefited from the slaves before them, –whether in the courts, in the jail, in the police departments,in the schools, on the streets, in the County Commission chambers, or in the State Legislature. If white-identified people feel abused and discriminated, including Mr. King, by our Coalition’s actions or statements then they are welcome to participate and seek redress just like any Cobb resident–but not at the expense of any group or by putting down any group of our neighbors. We love our neighbors and anything else is hate; we are motivated by love and unity for all. If you want “amnesty” and “forgiveness” and to be healed of hate and prejudice, we will provide vehicles for that healing and for that amnesty. If you do not, then you will be marginalizing yourselves–and that goes for all elected and appointed officials. We have received a firm mandate from the community and from On High ,and will not back down. It is indeed a new day in Cobb County. Be alerted.–Rich Pellegrino, a recovering immigrant