May 29, 2008

My Marietta Daily Journal column today: Cobb coalition just another leftist open borders group

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Marietta Daily Journal
D.A. King: Cobb coalition just another leftist open borders group

Published: 05/29/2008
D.A. King

By D.A. King
Guest Columnist

“This country belongs to everybody, not just to the American people” – Jose Galvez, an illegal alien protesting recent immigration and identity theft arrests at an Iowa meatpacking plant, as reported by an Iowa ABC -TV affiliate.

“We won’t stop organizing until we achieve full rights for all undocumented people and ICE is shut down completely.” – Ian Thompson, ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) organizer, at a Los Angeles rally and press conference opposing immigration enforcement, as reported by the Party for Socialism and Liberation, May 15.

Yes, the “ICE” mentioned above is the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, formerly known as the INS.

For years – nearly seven of them during a war on terror – Americans, who believe this is their country, have been demanding secure borders and an equal application of American laws. Even immigration, ID theft and employment laws.

For the amnesty-again, open-borders lobby, the all-too-rare enforcement actions for these crimes represent an intolerable setback.

Which brings up a new “coalition” here in Cobb whose members say is aimed at fighting “racism,” “injustice” and which will strive to “spread acceptance, “harmony” and to promote “public safety.”

It seems that these folks, most merely the usual suspects in the well-funded open borders/illegal alien lobby, are concerned with “civil liberties.”

The groups (and their leaders) involved in this new coalition include the Nation of Islam (headed nationally by the Rev. Louis Farrakhan), the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (Gerardo E. “Jerry” Gonzalez), the New Order National Human Rights Organization (Gerald Rose), the Cobb Immigrant Alliance (Rich Pellegrino), the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (Mexican citizen and former Atlanta Mexican Consul General Teodoro Maus), the Cobb Southern Christian Leadership Conference (the Rev. Dwight Graves), the Family Life Restoration Center (Luther Washington Jr.) and according to an MDJ editorial, the National Council of La Raza (Janet Murguía).

For the readers who do not understand Spanish, a translation: The last group mentioned above translates as “The National Council of the Race.”

The organizers are calling their little endeavor a “civil rights” organization and have named it the “Cobb United for Change Coalition.”

Let me state the obvious for any reader who may not see what is coming: Media-starved, easily duped, self-appointed “leaders” in our community will soon find themselves howling in support of illegal aliens in the name of “civil rights.”

The sickening comparison will be to the noble struggle for equality under the law endured by black Americans in their own country.

The new recruits will be trained to never use that inconvenient term “illegal.” Instead, the focus will be on the ethnicity of the majority of illegal aliens.

They will become part of the treacherous socialist coalition demanding an end to the American rule of law.

They will strive to equate real immigrants and all Latinos with illegal aliens, hoping that we won’t realize that immigrants do not require amnesty.

The goal is to create a climate of fear and division in Cobb and Georgia while pushing for an end to immigration enforcement and for amnesty – again.

The mindless mantra of “justice” for and “acceptance” of wage thieves stealing the American Dream will be “civil rights for ‘undocumented’ Latinos.” You won’t hear much from this crowd about illegal employers. It’s all about skin color. Yuck.

The fact that by definition civil rights in America are the non-political rights guaranteed to United States citizens by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress will not be a part of their mindless talking points.

There is no civil right – or human right – to be an illegal alien in the United States.

A clue to the agenda of “change”: A part of a recent press statement – unwittingly proving that enforcement works – from Jerry Gonzalez of the Atlanta-based nonprofit Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials on its Website ( attacking state Sen. Chip Rogers (R-north Cobb), Cobb Chairman Sam Olens and Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren: “Public safety is being jeopardized by local policy makers … we need comprehensive immigration reform … Cobb County Sheriff must sever its relationship with ICE for the sake of enhancing public safety for all in Cobb County.”

Sound familiar?

Sound like change you can believe in?

D.A. King is president of the multi-ethnic Dustin Inman Society, which is opposed to illegal immigration and open borders. On the Web: