April 8, 2008

MEDIA RELEASE – D.A. King challenges Libertarian Bob Barr to public debate on immigration policy AUDIO HERE

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It’s the old “if you aren’t a terrorist you can get another amnesty and come into the U.S. whenever you want” immigration policy…IT’S OPEN BORDERS!

MEDIA RELEASE April 8, 2008

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Dustin Inman Society president D.A. King today challenges possible Libertarian presidential candidate and former Republican Congressman Bob Barr to publicly debate and defend his – and the Libertarian Party’s – position on American borders and immigration policy.

During an April 8, 2008 interview on the nationally syndicated Neal Boortz radio show, ( listen here thanks to Mr. Jim Galloway and the AJC, Political Insider blog HERE ) Barr outlined his agenda of a possible repeat of the failed 1986 legalization program for illegal aliens. It is a policy of the official and lawful — but apparently numerically unlimited — free flow of people into the U.S., and an unexplained and unlikely process by which, in Barr’s words, “we would know who is entering our country” with such legalization.

Robert Pastor of the Council on Foreign Relations cites polls showing us that at least 70% of the Mexican citizens who remain in Mexico would migrate to the U.S. if allowed. Considering the present convoluted interpretation of the 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution regarding birthright citizenship, Barr’s frightening lack of vision of the consequences of his utopian open borders agenda is dangerous,” said King. “The concept of American citizenship could easily be cheapened and expanded to the entire continent in one generation with such a policy.”

“Unlike the other political parties, and candidates, I have to admire the Libertarian party and Mr. Barr for their honesty in admitting to the open borders agenda,” King remarked.

King will agree to meet Barr any time or place he and the Libertarians deem suitable to present their platform and ideas on securing American borders and defending American sovereignty and controlling population levels for a sustainable Republic.

The Dustin Inman Society strongly supports the as yet untried concept of securing American borders – at any price – and the vigorous enforcement of the rule of law in the work place – to begin to solve the decades-old immigration crisis. (Attrition through enforcement)

King is also CEO and co-founder of Americans for Sovereignty (www.AmericanSov.org), formed to educate the public on open borders and the EU –like integrated North American Community concept being presented by many in the governments and media of the U.S. Canada and Mexico.