January 28, 2008

McCain on his Mexican citizen staffer VIDEOs HERE from Michelle Malkin

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QUESTION: Senator McCain, I thank you so much for your service … as an Irish … my parents and my grandparents both came here to become immigrants … I so much want to vote for you, I have one concern … your straight talk … it is you have an outreach – Hispanic outreach person – on your staff, Juan Hernandez, and he has said that he understands why Social Security numbers are stolen … because we don’t allow the immigrants to get their own, so it’s ok for him that we steal other Americans’ Social Security numbers. He also has written a book called “The New American Pioneers” about comparing illegal immigrants, not legal immigrants, to become the “New Pioneers”… I wonder if you agree with his policy? If so, explain it to me and if not why is he on your staff?

McCain asked about Juan Hernandez at Florida campaign event

The straight-talking senator was asked about his Hispanic Outreach Director, Dr. Juan Hernandez, at a campaign event in Florida Sunday. Here’s video of his reaction.

Don’t miss the video of Hernandez further down…hat tip to Digger’s Realm.