November 28, 2007

Geraldine Wade MD in the Marietta Daily Journal…on sheriff Neil Warren

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Geraldine Wade/Letter to the Editor: MDJ’s headline missed point on illegals

Published: 11/28/2007

I must openly thank and applaud our Sheriff Neil Warren, who is helping to enforce our immigration laws by adopting the measures under 287(g). We know his actions are helping reduce the incentive for illegal aliens to come and stay in Cobb County.

When MALDEF gets upset, we must be doing the right thing. Next, we expect to see the ACLU. Then we will know we are really on the right path.

I take exception to the MDJ headline on Monday, “Immigrants to sheriff: Stop violating our rights” when we all know that these references only apply to illegal aliens and not immigrants.

Why is this distinction so difficult for some? You can hardly call MALDEF a leadership organization that our citizens should respect when they say we are “mean-spirited” for wanting to enforce our laws.

Let’s stop bowing to radical organizations such as MALDEF that care nothing about the rights of American citizens. Let’s get responsible citizens and American organizations to sit on our committees, not those who only want to defend the criminal activity of foreign nationals.

Geraldine Wade MD

We agree with Dr. Wade!