August 28, 2007

Tennessee landlord wants to obey federal law..we predict he will be sued by open borders lobby

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Tennessee landlord wants to obey federal law..we predict he will be sued by open borders lobby

Man firm on ousting of aliens

By Gerhard Schneibel
Daily Times Correspondent

The manager of Lakeview Apartments in Louisville stands by the decision to order illegal aliens to vacate the premises by the end of the month.

Hispanic tenants of the apartments found themselves confronted with an Aug. 13 memo from the management giving any illegal aliens 18 days to move out.

“If you are illegally in the country and you are still in the apartment at the end of August, I will call the proper authorities. You will be arrested and you will be deported,” the memo read.

The 24-unit apartment complex was purchased by real-estate investors Adam, John and Moira Dewar of Carlsbad, Calif., on May 9. Meadowland Property Management of Louisville was hired to administer the property.

“My position has always been, no matter where we’re managing property, in anything we are doing, we try to provide a safe, comfortable home for tenants. And at the same time, we try to provide a profitable investment for the real estate investor,” said Meadowland General Manager J. Carlos Maciel.
“I think any local law enforcement I’ve had to deal with over the years would confirm that we don’t run an operation that stands for any trouble — whether it be noise, drugs or anything that is a hazard, an inconvenience or a disruption at the property.”

Federal law prohibits knowingly harboring illegal aliens, but tenants are also legally entitled to 30-days notice prior to eviction based on a violation of contract.

Maciel said that when he took over management of the property, he set about gathering accurate records of the tenants. Many of the registration forms he sent out were not returned, and others were returned with fake Social Security numbers, he said.