August 28, 2007

Georgia employers lobby for relaxed immigration rules and increased profits…laws are for suckers!

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Georgia employers lobby for relaxed immigration rules and increased profits…laws are for suckers!

Written by Walter Jones
Posted on 2007-08-18

Walter Jones
August 18, 2007

ATLANTA – A coalition of Georgia businesses hasn’t let up its campaign for immigration legislation despite seeing the issue bog down in Congress and criticism hurled its way.

The coalition of 21 individual businesses and trade associations, called Georgia Employers for Immigration Reform, argues that the state’s economy depends on immigrant workers and that the jobs of native Georgians could be lost if federal law stops the flow of illegal immigrants. The group suffered a defeat June 29 when the Senate failed to stop a filibuster resulting in no vote on a bipartisan reform bill the group supported.

And a video has been posted on the
YouTube Internet site by someone calling for a boycott against Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. , the state’s largest chicken company and a leader in the coalition.

Still, coalition members are looking forward to another debate on the floor of the Senate.

“We’ve had a couple of skull sessions, and we continue to follow what the Congress is doing,” said spokesman Jay Morgan . “We know that there are a lot of people who are having, shall we say, voter’s remorse. They really didn’t want the issue to die without a resolution.”

During Congress’ August recess, coalition members have met with some representatives and senators. At the same time, they’ve urged their employees to buttonhole the members of Congress with the same message.

To get the public on board, or at least dampen some criticism in this staunchly conservative state, the coalition has also run an ad in a
Macon newspaper and on some radio stations.

More…and remember, they will never give up on amnesty. Ever.