July 23, 2007

We get mail from South Carolina…and Georgia and Arizona

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Dear Mr. King,

I just heard you on the Mike Gallagher ( note from D.A. – it was actually the Bob McClain show) show on the radio. After hearing your views I am encouraged that South Carolina may follow suit. It is a shame that we have to do this state by state and scream at our representatives who fail to see that they are killing our country.

I will take the time to read the rest of your website but wanted you to know that we appreciate what your doing. Thank you for what you are doing and please know that we are going to support you by buying your book when it is ready. Thank you also for your service to our country as a Marine. I married a Marine and you guys are fantastic. You guys also marry the best ladies as well. Thank you to your wife for her support.

Kindest Regards to you both,
Cathy R
Greenville SC


Just got back from 3 beautiful weeks in Michigan. The only foreigh language radio stations I heard were French – coming from Canada.

The people I spoke to about the invasion were just about oblivious to it – Michigan has little of this problem. Once I explained what it has done to Georgia they got angry.

I am encouraged by SB 529. Now, we need to build on that and get legislation which makes GA even more inhospitable to illegals.

T. F.

D.A -Thank you so much for your informative e-mails and your articles in the MDJ !! I always pass on the e-mails to my like-minded friends and I also call and write my congressmen. Thanks for letting me have the facts to give them !!!!


Good Good I wish Az. would be as strict. As long as we have Janet Napolitono as gov. there’s no getting rid of them. My house was robbed and my stuff was found in the house of an illegal alien. Some of my things were already sold. So I work and buy nice things someone breaks into MY country and steals my stuff. What’s wrong with this picture.

Patty B.
Tonopah, Az.

Dear Sir (my hero):

Kudos and thank you for being there. Your newsletters are the hopeful and encouraging bright spots in what would be a frustrating and frightening event occurring in our lives. Please keep up the fight for us every day.

I wonder if you could provide us with what we citizens are able to do to rid the areas of illegals where they congregate daily for day work. I live at the river on Roberts Dr. in Sandy Springs. If I go north, the shopping center just up the road in Roswell, or south in Sandy Springs just inside 285 are daily filled with illegals. Is there NOTHING we can do to rid these areas of the loiterers? Isn’t loitering still against the law in Georgia?

Thank you so much for all you do.

Jody C. M.

From D.A. – Jody: Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot here. If your sheriff is not taking advantage of the 1996 287 g enforcement expansion tool…you should demand to know why!