July 22, 2007

We get mail from a Dalton College student

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Anyone taken a spanish class at Dalton State lately? I did, and found that the class was a little about the learning the spanish language and alot about how this country really belongs to the mexicans. The textbook refers to people from Mexico as “Americans”. Professor Rochelle Bautista told the class that she had married a former illegal alien who was granted amnesty. She takes her class to the restaurant that she and her husband, Antonio, own – to practice the spanish language of course – at taxpayer expense. The restaurant is Antonio’s and is located on Connector 3 near the Pilot Truck Stop off I-75. She even has the directions to the restaurant posted on her school web site. http://www.daltonstate.edu/faculty/rbautista/

Tonight’s paper had an article about the kid that was killed last July. And low and behold:
“Also scheduled to appear is Marco Antonio Bautista, the man police believe set up the drug deal between Darville and Canavan.”

Marco Antonio Bautista is listed as her step son on her web site.

I wasn’t surprised.